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  1. I have a Oban Devotion in the 20* and it works great off the tee and off the deck.
  2. I have just switched my brand allegiance for the 3rd time in my golf equipment life. Went from all things Adams (RIP), to all things Callaway and just switched to PING (except putter that’s not going anywhere). Anyone else bounce from one manufacturer to the other? Successes? Regrets?
  3. Carry a 64 degree Callaway PM grind. Use 56 for most shots but 64 is nice when you need it.
  4. Well I just unscrewed it and there is a 5 on the underside so I am guessing 5 grams.
  5. I am looking to cut down my 2015 Callaway Great Big Bertha driver and I am trying to find how much the original sole weight screw weighs so I know how much weight to add...any one have any idea?
  6. I have these In stiff in a set of Adams DHYs and just bought one to go into a Callaway Alpha 815 hybrid. They are super smooth and I love the feel. I am normally in between needing stiff and regular flex. Hope this helps.
  7. If the shortest length they have is a 9 iron and I needed to butt trim the 9 iron shaft by .25” to .5” respectively to fit length wise For the PW and GW do you still think it would work? The shafts I am thinking of adding are Matrix Ozik Program Q95. Thanks again.
  8. Ok thanks for the replies. I have a set of Adams XTD Forged and they are .355 I believe.
  9. Apologies if this has been answered before. I am looking at swapping out graphite shafts in my irons (6-GW) one of the sites I am thinking of ordering from sells the shafts in 6, 7, 8 & 9 iron lengths. Does it matter if I just buy all of the shafts in the 6 iron shaft length and have them cut down or do I need to buy each individual length. Thanks.
  10. Another vote for the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion. Great stick!
  11. I recently picked up 2 Adams DHY in 21 and 24 degrees. I absolutely love how they play.
  12. Recent Fusion convert! Playing out of the fairway has been a nice change. Really like the “heavy” version with the shorter shaft. Also absolutely loving the matching 5 wood.
  13. Updated the top end of the bag. Who knew all of that “loft is your friend” stuff was true...really liking the Fusion Heavy driver. It may not go as long as my old Rogue but it is usually in the fairway and I didn’t lose as much distance as I thought with the shorter shaft. Got rid of the 4 wood 7 wood setup and went with 5 wood 3 DI. Really surprised with how much I like the the fusion 5 wood, easy elevation and great distance. Lastly added another Adams DHY, had one in 24 degrees and liked it so much decided to get it in 21.
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