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  1. I think I'm ready to try another graphite shaft experiment in wedges, last time the shafts just weren't heavy enough, better selection available now.
  2. they make bluetooth headphones, use em and rock on. Otherwise please don't polute my golf space
  3. I bought a six pack of nike no shows and didn't like them at first but now I love em.
  4. I've made several sets using 3/8" spacing, usually used the 7 iron as a start, made for shorter long irons and longer short irons, best of both worlds, 9 & PW same length. Those charts are impressive. if I only knew how to read them. Just like in carpentry, measure many times and cut once. Try to work out your charts and see what you can get to work, you may have to make adjustments. You'll probably have to add weight to the long irons and you don't want your short irons so long they get too head heavy. Because your using conventional components that can only be customized so much you'll have to work within a range, and match that range to what's comfortable for you. In my humble unqualified opinion clublength is not a major contributing factor to shot length. You'll probably end up building 3 sets before you find the holy grail, because after assembly you have to have the lies adjusted, which because you are using overlength you would have to do anyway. Use the highest quality components and build them to the very best of your capability and you'll have fun and have a set of clubs you love. P.S. How tall are you? just curious, cause if the shafts were fitted incorrectly how do we know the length wasn't also?
  5. It's the power that IS. Ask an archer, when he releases the arrow, it's in God's hand, so is the ball, so take it up with Him or Her.
  6. Congrats! quite an accomplishment. The thing I finds interesting (and some hope in) is the 6 bogeys. You didn't let them shake you, you didn't let them ruin your day, you moved on. I need to learn how to do that.
  7. Brush up on the rules folks, singles have standing on the golf course. If play is open ahead of you, let them through, to not do so is not only poor ettiquette, it's against the rules.
  8. Ah, the golf gods doing their worst. Its my biggest peeve too and I've had a few really humbling experiences. Once while playing with a buddy that likes to drink beer while playing, he likes to have one in each hand. He never marks his ball and is always real quick to just fire at the first ball he finds, one day I was on his a** about it after he hit one from another fairway, we go out on the 18th fairway and he starts to hit a ball (knowing that the 10th teebox feeds right into 18) so I tell him he better make sure its his, he hits I walk over to mine hit it towards the green, a guy tops the hill and asks if we've seen his ball, I ask what brand he says "Titleist", well no prob my buddy hit a topflite, I go on look back he's still looking, I drive back down ask him if it was marked he says "blue circle on the number", I screamed! I had hit his ball! same mark as mine and as luck would have it he right to the area I had. Very humbling.
  9. Just be happy you didn't have to go home with her.
  10. I've been at 43.5" for many years now, I did recently added a winn lite grip, I love it. I did pick up distance but I also have a better feel for the swingpath.
  11. fingernail polish remover (acetone), or goo-be-gone (found at the grocery store, cleaner isle).
  12. I've been interested in them since I saw the first ad, anytime I can reduce the weight of a club by almost one ounce, I'm interested. I've ran the numbers, swingweight increases by 5 points, moi, it has little effect, balance is the biggest change about 6% towards the head, thats a biggy. Much better way than shaft weight.
  13. No your not missing anything, I am, a few brain cells, good thing I wasn't doing the trimming for you. Dang and I guess you are too, two shafts. Hummm, can't undo it either. Might be worth checking out just swapping for or selling and buying a set of 6.5s off ebay.
  14. Usually 3 clubs to a flex, 5 cpm per club, 15 cpm per flex, just shooting from the hip from memory. 1.0 is a flex in RP terms, so twice would put you about 6.33? Ahh, who knows, you have to work with the hand your dealt, most folks say you won't feel 1 soft step, so you 2 times is your option. 3/4" long, 1" soft step, they'll be 1/4" under, no biggy. You can even swap back if it doesn't workout, cause you won't be butt trimming. I'd get the swingweights correct and install some vibration dampeners in the process.
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