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  1. Anyone have issues with the tips on AMT tour whites? Or is this just a bad shaft and a fluke? Only asking as my 3 iron looked a little off so I figured it was a bad epoxy and would just re glue. It was original epoxy and ferrule and when I took apart, I found the tip bent. Going to replace but wondering if this is a regular problem? If so, I will try something else. If not, the lighter weight and flight was working and I will try one again.
  2. This is a fun read. I have been trying for a few years to find the right hybrid/long iron and cannot be consistent with a hybrid. Finally tried a T100s 3 iron and found the ‘lost art’. Awesome off the tee and hit into greens on long holes. Not going back to hybrid anytime soon as I feel more comfortable with the iron. As you say, nothing better than ripping a long iron from a nice lie. Had one 220 into the wind and cold 2 weeks ago. Sun was at my back and I hit a bullet at the pin. Still can see the ball lighting up from the sun and getting home. After reading Peppert
  3. No issues after 30+ rounds on PX LZ. Divider bag as well.
  4. Doesn’t Bernhard Langer have many different clubtypes with all his favourites???! Not a fan but probably the most consistent pro golfer in the last 10 yrs. Use what works.
  5. I have the shaft in X and have had no issues so far in a new 3 wood. I have tried many high end shafts in my woods and find this shaft to be comparable in performance. Good swings do as expected without any hard lefts on the less than great swings or over swings. I have other shafts on standby (ahina, Rogue 125) but have not had to experiment yet. For reference, I am 118-120 with a smooth transition.
  6. C taper lite x to 6.0 LZ. Similar results. A little higher. Same spin, distance and took out the lefts as well. Good swings are always good shots but find the LZ a little more forgiving on the poor swings.
  7. OP. Lots of putters for me as well. Have a gen1 mini gunboat and put ok with it but find it soft of the face compared to my Scotty’s. Ordered a Blackjack with DB as I like my Notchback and have very little arc. I like the looks and figure with the sale, it won’t be hard to resell if I somehow don’t like it. Like most on here, hard to to buy one without trying and testing but also pretty easy!
  8. Very muted sound but long if off the screws! Think I still have a 9.5 in the garage somewhere! No idea what would be comparable today.
  9. I have one in the garage. A little looser feel than the 110. Tried to tip it an inch but still not as solid as the regular 110.
  10. Still have one in my 3 wood and I have tried everything. Great shaft.
  11. Good luck. I find that shaft easy to hit 3/4 shots accurate. Your signature shows a similar bag/ shafts setup so looking forward to any updates you have.
  12. Blue 6x working for me in a driver. Hard to tell distance with colder weather and have no numbers but I find the centre of the face more consistently with mediocre swings. Definitely helps with confidence. Can’t wait till it warms up to see if I gain a little distance to go with improved accuracy.
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