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  1. Does Nike make any golf shoes with the same material that the TW13's were made out of? My TW13 finally blew out in my last round. The upper separated from the midsole. That was probably my favorite golf shoe ever.
  2. Does anyone know if you can have a retailer like, Golf Galaxy, send them in on your behalf? I have a bunch of GG gift cards and wouldn't mind paying GG to send them into Ping for me.
  3. Was able to catch one on Sam's Club last night. Hoping it comes through.
  4. How hard is it going to be able to get one of these before Xmas? My wife has me looking for one now. Of course the day before they come out. I didn't anticipate there would be any pre-orders still available. Is there any chance to catch one online tomorrow?
  5. Does anyone know the cost to send a set of irons to Ping to have refinished? Been looking at buying a new set of irons but prices on golf equipment right now is just crazy. So instead figured I could have my Ping G15 irons refinished.
  6. Been looking at possibly picking up some new irons but I just can’t seem to give up the G15. I love the non ferrule look on the older Ping irons. I think I may just send them to Ping for refinishing so that they come back good as new.
  7. Is Wrx promoting Warrior Golf now? Just got an email from GolfWrx promoting Warrior Golf's golf balls. That can't be good. It was a quick delete and run from Warrior.
  8. Our company purchased a group in the Champions Tour Pro Am Nextel week. I was invited to play in it. Of course now that I keep thinking about it I am starting to scare myself. I am an 18 handicap so my first goal is not get out on the first tee and duff it 10 feet in front of me. One of the guys I am playing with from my company has played the past two years. He said he has played with one pro who was really nice. He said the other was a jerk and made the round awkward. For those who have played in a pro-am before, what is to be expected?
  9. > @finalist said: > The new site seems ok. The new Puttertalk.com is definitely the one to model after. It’s clean as can be. Agree with this. The new Puttertalk format is awesome, organized, and very user friendly.
  10. Pass on those trainers. I think now that I finally have a pair of Concord golf shoes it's time to stop with the Jordan golf shoes. I have the 9's, 13's, 3's, and 11's and they only see action occasionally. I still go back to the tried and true TW13's. Still my favorite golf shoe of all time. I wear them more than any shoe and then use a Mr. Clean to wipe them down. Still look good as new since I bought them 5+ years ago.
  11. Just got a message from Nike that the AJIII Green Glow are back in stock and got a reserve for a pair.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. With the low bounce on the 54, no bending needed for me. The heavy head comment really has me interested now. I play much better with a heavier wedge. I picked up a Ping Glide last season and I had to add lead tape to the back of the head. I guess I will pick one up and see how it goes. For $40 really can't go wrong.
  13. Sold off all my Scottys and headcovers a couple of years ago. But kind of peep in from time to time. I really dig the army men headcover. That is pretty cool.
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