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  1. Welp… “Worked with the USGA in as far as making sure it fit with the rules of golf.”
  2. Can the polymer just be fully sandblasted away?
  3. Wow your story is exactly the same as mine but I just happened to do the same thing 3 years later without checking here first… Bought this 001 on a whim yesterday and heard back from Putter Spa and BOS that they cannot do the work because of the polymer fill in the grooves.
  4. SOLD $975 4-P (7 irons total) shipped. Just received these as a custom build from Srixon. All irons are new in plastic except for 8-iron which was used to hit ~25 range balls. Individual pics of 8i below (as well as 8i length) — 8i still looks as close to new as possible with only ultra faint sole brush marks. Ordered as the spec sheet shows: KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff +1/2" Standard Loft and Lie White New Decade MCC +1 extra lower wrap Selling because, to my measurement, these are more like +3/4" (based on Srixon's specs listed on their site). Apparently, these days Srixon measures to end of shaft without grip (and grip cap/butt adds ~1/8-1/4"). SOLD Also have AW and will sell 4-AW (8 irons total) for $1050
  5. I found that my ZX7s were slightly longer than the listed numbers on the Srixon website. Would be curious if this was the same for your set.
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