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  1. For the last spring break of my college days, 3 buddies of mine and I are headed east from Fayetteville, AR. We’re going to stop in Nashville to split up the drive and spend the weekend in the Music City. We’re trying to decide on the courses, 5 rounds in 7 days most likely. So far this is what we’re thinking: -President’s Reserve at Hermitage Golf Club in Nashville -Fighting Joe at the RTJ Trail in Muscle Shoals, AL -TPC Myrtle Beach -Kings North -Man O War We’ve also been looking in to some other courses in the Myrtle Beach area, but for the price and what we’ve heard from other friends
  2. 68* with a nice breeze here in Fayetteville, AR today. Liking the wedges so far!
  3. Just got mine RTX-3's in, 52 VMG, 56 VMG, 60 VFG. Vinegar is the way to go!
  4. I got mine around the same price point on eBay (member is on here as well). It is a great deal and I was surprised as well, but it looks real to me and I would jump all over it.
  5. Late to the party, but do you think the K grind is significantly better than the RTX3? Which grind do you have in the 60? I am wondering if I should even swap out my K grind when it works so well...I went ahead and bought all 3 because the OCD in me wanted everything to match.
  6. So I learned that our player indeed played 2 balls, one a 6 and one a 10. Apparently our teams visual certainty wasn't enough because the 10 got recorded and got 2nd place by a single stroke.
  7. Unfortunately there is no rules official at these events as it's almost completely run by college students, but we do have our governing body but they don't have rules officials out there. This team has a reputation of trying to screw other teams out of strokes and this time it costs us a win. Our player should have just played his drop and said forget what you have to say. They were way too uptight and half the time they were wrong. They weren't even in contention to win, just a bunch of tool bags. Thankfully it wasn't like it cost us a trip to nationals or anything since the first tournamen
  8. So here's our dilemma, a player hit a ball and he and his playing partner watched it bounce into a hazard. After looking, the player cannot find the ball in the hazard or out of bounds, so they drop at the point of entry. On this hole, there is OB along the left side due to houses, but this hazard is inside the OB and is made up of big rocks. The opposing team players (after the player drops lateral) decide they believe the ball went over the hazard and out of bounds. The thing is, they were behind our player in trees and likely could not even see the ball come down. The other team would not b
  9. Adidas20 no longer works. Sucks because they got a lot of sizes in pants today.
  10. I have the X7M in Dual Balance and my dad has the same in the X. I prefer the X7M to the X in every aspect. But then again, you could wait for the X6 coming out in April and get the two combined!
  11. Quick question for the GolfWRX world right here. I am the president of the University of Arkansas Club Golf team, and we are a pretty new club to campus so we are trying to raise some more funds to get more students involved in playing competitive golf. Along with some profit share nights and other fundraisers, we are scheming up ways to get more money for our club. I just had an off the wall idea and was wondering if this would be allowed in the forums. As a fundraiser, if we set up a GoFundMe page, and had people donate small amounts of money (say $1 per entry) and we did a drawing. Would we
  12. Anyone tried the RTX-3 in a 60 V-FG? I love my K grind, but when I get a new 52 and 56 I'll want to match...
  13. I'm in the market for new wedges and this thread completely changed my outlook. While I do think I'll still go with the new RTX-3 because of my Cleveland/Srixon discount, I have now moved away from the idea of getting them custom stamped. It'd be too hard to sell a wedge with CN on the back. My current wedges are +0.75" and I'll probably stick with that or maybe go down to +0.5". The real question is: raw or black!? I cannot make this decision!
  14. Where are you located (State - US Only Please)? Fayetteville, AR Preferred Model (Blade or Cavity Back)? Why? Blade. Prefer the look and have always played blade wedges. Preferred Sole Grind? Why? (feel free to post pictures of your local conditions) V-MG. Conditions vary from course to course in this area, and the versatility would be great! Preferred Finish? Why? Black Satin, prefer the black in a wedge to contrast the irons. Preferred Lofts? 52, 56, 60 If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? We require you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a revi
  15. I'm in the market to get some new wedges, and since I get a good discount on Srixon/Cleveland equipment, I am looking into the new RTX 3 wedges. Right now I play the TaylorMade EF Series in my 52 and 56, and then my 60 is an SM5 K Grind. If I were to get Vokey's, I would get the following setup: 52 F Grind 56 S Grind 60 K Grind My question is, does anyone know the comparable Cleveland sole/bounce options? Initially, this is what I had written down, but I don't really remember why and if this would even be the best: 52 V-MG 56 V-MG 60 V-FG I typically use my 52 for full shots only, and
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