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  1. As a lefty my start direction is usually slightly left of target on a well struck shot with about 10-15 yards of curvature back to the right. Most of my fittings have centered around spin, launch, and dispersion with ball speed and carry being a secondary data point. I've gone into my fittings by setting the expectation that I am not necessarily looking for something that adds distance, but something that I can launch easier and hit more accurately.
  2. I appreciate all the responses here, and good to know that I'm not alone in my experiences. It sounds to me like there's definitely something to the process of swinging clubs off the mats vs putting them in play on the turf during an actual round of golf. The problem for me in being able to "demo" clubs is that I'm a lefty, so not too many places are going to have anything to demo laying around. Someone mentioned grips, and I can say that is definitely not the problem. I've been through at least 5 different sets of grips on my iE1's, and have gone from standard, to undersized, and back to standard again. I guess the thing that still confuses me is how I can change out grips, shafts, ect on my iE1's and always hit them consistently well yet every new set of clubs that I've bought I hit shorter and with worse dispersions. I'm not necessarily looking for irons that I can hit further, ideally I'd like something that I hit better. What I'm searching for is a set that I can hit higher, longer or the same distances, with more stopping power on the greens. Ideally I'd find something that I can high straighter as well, as my typical ball flight with the iE1's is a draw with my big misses being a pull hook. My never ending search for a superior set of clubs will no doubt continue, but I think moving forward I'll be more cautious about what I buy and only look for options to be fit where I can hit balls on turf on an actual range. Thanks again for all the feedback.
  3. Let me start by saying I'm 39 years old, play anywhere from a 4 to a 7 handicap over the last 3 years, and hit my 7 iron 175 yards with my distances pretty much going up and down 10 yards from there with my longer and shorter irons. The current set I game are Ping iE1 irons, blue dot, with Steelfiber fc115 shafts and cut down 1/4". Up until the start of this season I was using the stock CFS distance shafts but switched them out due to some preexisting back conditions and a nagging case of tennis elbow. With the shaft change, I've noticed almost no performance changes, other than the shafts just feel smoother and my tennis elbow has gotten much better. I love these irons, hit them well, but am always looking for an upgrade as they are starting to age and there are so many newer clubs that catch my eye. I like to tinker, and have purchased quite a few sets of irons over the last few years, but always end up back with my iE1's. This brings me to my issue, I have been fit multiple times over the last 3 years at a few different places, and have spent 1000's of dollars on new iron sets, only to be disappointed when I actually start gaming them out on the course. This started with a set of Ping i500's (set up with the same specs as my iE1's) I hit them well during the fitting and saw gains on the trackman in distance and launch angle, but once I got them out on the course I was hitting them 1 to 2 clubs shorter than my set of iE1's. They lasted about a half a season for me before I sold them off and went back to the iE1's. Next up I bought a set of Mizuno 919 tour irons, with Modus 105's, and saw similar gains in distance and launch angle on trackman, but hit them terrible when I gamed them out on the course for a few months. I typically hit a draw, and was only able to hit weak fades with the Mizunos, after a few months of them I couldn't get back to my iE1's quick enough. As soon as I switched back to the iE1's I was back hitting my draw and saw my distances return immediately. My most recent failed venture into improving my irons happened this spring. I went to Club Champion and was fit for a set of Srixon ZX5's, I loved the look of the clubs, saw massive gains on the trackman, and felt these would finally be the clubs that would replace my iE1's. I wound up sinking over 2k into a new set, complete with Oban shafts (pured) and set up to my usual specs. After waiting way too long to get my new irons I was left disappointed once again by the performance of my clubs on the course, as compared to my existing set of iE1's. So my question is what am I missing? How is it that I can see gains in my fittings, purchase custom fit clubs that bring new and superior tech over my existing set, yet nothing outperforms my old set of iE1's? I'm sure the answer is I should probably just stop tinkering and keep playing my preferred set, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar. Is there something I should be focused on moving forward when evaluation a new set, is there a specific data point I should focus on, is there something in the swing weight of my existing set that trumps everything else I've tried? Thanks for reading my novel, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Unfortunately for me I was only able to swing the 6 and 7 iron during my fitting but I was about a full club longer with better launch and descent angles with the ZX5 vs the ZX7. At address the thickness of the top line was identical and the length of the blade itself was hardly noticeable to the naked eye. What I didn't like about the ZX5 was the thickness of the sole on the 6 iron and the fact that I could start to see the back of the club at address, and I'm sure that will be even more noticeable with the 4 and the 5 irons. Sole thickness was really the only discernable difference for me, but I'm also looking for the extra forgiveness in the 4,5, and 6 and the ZX5 provides that. I strongly considered a combo set, but knowing that I wouldn't see the back of the club protruding out in the 7-PW I figured why not just go with the ZX5 in the full set and take any extra forgiveness or distance they bring in the short irons? I've hit a lot of difference clubs over the last few years and I'm just really hyped to get my new set and start gaming them. I hope these irons will be in my bag for a long time and I believe they will be. I really don't believe you can go wrong either way with the ZX5 or ZX7, it's really just going to boil down to personal preference. I would imagine there is probably some more workability in the 7s but as a current 7 handicapper and former 3 handicapper trying to work my way back down, I'm not too concerned with that aspect at the moment.
  5. I hit most all of the 2021 heads during a recent iron fitting and I settled on a full set of the ZX5s. My head choices were narrowed down pretty quickly to the Apex 21s, ZX5 and ZX7. I definitely saw the greatest distances with the P790s but in 10 swings there were 3 balls in particular that were hot off the face and flew way to far. That felt to me like something that would be pretty frustrating out on the course and have a significantly negative impact on scores over time. In my experience on the simulator, the results were very comparable between the Apex 21s and the ZX5s. Carry distances were virtually identical with the Apex 21 spinning more but the ZXs launching better and coming in with better landing angle numbers. For me the decision boiled down to personal preference, I loved the look of the ZX5 at address. The squared off look and the sharp angles just inspired more confidence for me and I felt very comfortable with the ZX5 in my hand. I'm moving away from a set of 919 forged and everything about both the ZX5 and Apex 21 provided significant gains for me on the trackman. My guess is many golfers are going to find similar numbers from both the Apex 21 and ZX5 heads, it'll really just boil down to personal preference. I felt like I couldn't do wrong either way, but ZX5 won the edge because of the visual aspects for me.
  6. Your situation seems very similar to the one I found myself in last summer. I too had a set of iE1's and I loved them but felt like it was time for me to make an upgrade. After getting fit I decided on a combo set of Mizuno 919's with the 4&5 in the Hot Metal and the 6-PW in the Forged model with Modus 105 shafts. My trackman numbers during the fitting were very similar, so much so that the guy who fit me said he'd recommend I just keep my current set of iE1's. Being a club junkie myself, and loving the feel of the Mizunos I decided to make the purchase anyways. I can tell you that I absolutely regret my decision and I played some of the worst golf of my life with this current iron set. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but the current set up for me with the forged heads and the 105 shafts has produced terrible results. I have lost a club to a club and a half of distance on my forged irons (6-PW) and have replaced my standard draw with my old iE1's to a weak fade. I just never get the feeling that I am striking the ball solidly with these irons. After gaming them for most all of last season I have decided enough is enough and will be replacing them shortly. I went back and got fit a couple of weeks ago and have decided to go with the combo ZX5/7 set after they just barely edged out the Apex/Apex Pro combo set in testing. In my most recent fitting session my trackman numbers were horrible with my Mizuno set but came back to life almost immediately when hitting the Srixons and getting away from the 105 shaft. I'm not sure why my performance declined so much with these Mizuno clubs and I have to think it had more to do with the 105 shafts (my first time going with a lighter shaft due to a bad back) than the heads, but I lost confidence in these clubs within a few weeks after receiving them and using them out on the course. Everyone's experience is different, so I help that helps you. The iE1's were a FANTASTIC set for me and if yours are still in good shape I'd recommend you stick with them until you find something that really provides an improvement for you in terms of distance, accuracy, launch angle, ect. The Mizunos were NOT the answer for me.
  7. I loved my iE1's, love my G400 driver and my G 3 wood and hybrid, my whole bag was Ping until recently. Not blaming Ping but I strike my irons solidly, just for whatever reason I found this set to be wildly inconsistent. In good news I replaced my i500's with a set of Mizuno MP 18 SC's and I've never been happier. That I understand.... "Had them, played them - not for me...." The title of the thread was i500 inconsistencies. Just thought I’d share my feedback for the person who posted the thread. In my experience they were highly inconsistent, I’ve played many different irons and never had one perform as poorly as these did. I’m well aware that everyone will have different feedback but felt mine would be relevant, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this type of feedback.
  8. I loved my iE1's, love my G400 driver and my G 3 wood and hybrid, my whole bag was Ping until recently. Not blaming Ping but I strike my irons solidly, just for whatever reason I found this set to be wildly inconsistent. In good news I replaced my i500's with a set of Mizuno MP 18 SC's and I've never been happier.
  9. Here's the full details from one golfers perspective. I've never been more disappointed with the performance of a set of clubs than I was with the i500's. I couldn't have loved the look of the golf club more and everything Ping was claiming the club was going to be was exactly what I wanted in a golf club. I'll also add that I could not have hit the clubs better according to trackman during my fitting session. Just a little more about my game before I give you my thoughts. I'm a 6 handicap and I carry my 7 iron around 175-180 in my current set of irons (Ping iE 1's). I purchased the i500's with the Ping AWT 2.0 stiff shafts and bought 4-UW, also had them in the retro lofts. Okay, on to my experiences with this set. From the very first time I put these clubs into action on the course I could tell something was a little fishy about them. In my trackman session I was carrying the irons about 10 yards or one club further as Ping had claimed I would. On the second hole at my home course I mashed a driver right down the middle and had 155 yards into the green. With my set of iE 1's I'd normally hit either a PW or a 9 iron from this distance depending on wind, slope, ect. This being a new set and my first time using them on the course I figured I'd go conservative and hit the 9 iron, hoping the extra club of distance I got on trackman wouldn't put me too far over the green as there was no wind on the course this day. On this particular hole you cannot be short of the green as there is water in front. Took out my 9 iron, lined up my shot and put a pure swing on it. I watched the ball float up into the air and realized immediately that it was on line and thought I'd be sitting close to the pin with a birdie putt. Half a second later I realized the ball was tumbling out of the sky dreadfully short of the green and watched it splash right into the water. I only needed the ball to carry 140 to carry the water so I could not fathom how I put a good swing on a 9 iron and wound up carrying it about 130 yards directly into the lake. A few holes later I had another 150 yard shot and decided to pull out the 9 iron again. I flushed it once again from the fairway and this time I watched the ball fly about 15 yards over the back of the green and behind some trees. As I played with this set of clubs over the next few weeks I noticed these types of distance inconsistencies with the 6,7,8,9,PW and UW. It really made it impossible to play a round of golf because I had no confidence that if I put a good swing on the ball it would go anywhere near where I expected it to go. I'd say the ball flew great and went about as far as I expected on 85% of my swings, but it was the other 15% that made it impossible to make it around the course without having a few head scratching shots that could ruin a round of golf. Another odd thing I noticed was that I was absolutely MASHING the 4 and 5 irons. In my set of iE 1's I would normally hit my 5 iron about 205 and my 4 iron about 220 max. With the i500's I was hitting my 5 iron 220 yards and had a few shots with the 4 iron that I hit over 240 yards. Obviously this created an insane gaping issue for me since I was hitting my 6 iron anywhere from 170 on the inconsistent shots to 195 when it flew how I expected. I was hitting the 4 iron farther than my Ping G 3 iron hybrid. Bottom line I found this to be the absolute worst set of golf clubs I've ever played with in my entire life. Anyone who is playing golf to shoot as low of scores as possible understands that 3 or 4 bad shots can ruin a round. In my experience, it wasn't that the clubs weren't forgiving or were hard to hit, it was that they were inconsistent in the result they produced on well squared up strikes. To me this is a design flaw of the hollow bodied iron and there is no way that in all of their testing Ping did not experience these types of issues. I would never recommend this full set of golf clubs to anyone and I have already gotten rid of my set after taking a substantial bath on it. If you're looking for a little extra distance with your 3, 4 or 5 irons these might be worth taking a look at but you have to ask yourself if you're willing to sacrifice consistency in the performance of the club for more distance. I've been a loyal Ping player for the better part of 15 years but the i500 experience has soured my view on Ping as a company. I always felt they were at a higher standard because they didn't rush to come out with a new gimmicky set every year. I trusted that if Ping was releasing a set it was going to be high quality but I was wrong. Stay away from the i500's.
  10. Selling a set of Ping i500 irons. Set is 4-UW (8 clubs). Not interested in selling individual clubs, purchase or trade as a full set only. Black Dot Shafts cut down 1/2" Undersized Winn Dri-Tac Grips Standard Lofts Ping/Nippon AWT 2.0 stiff flex These clubs were only used for 3 rounds and are in near mint condition. Asking $900 shipped. Would be willing to trade for a slightly used set of Mizuno MP 18 SC's. Please PM me with any questions, will accept PayPal or Venmo and ship UPS Ground as soon as payment is finalized.
  11. Just got a call from my fitter and the clubs are in and they said I can pick them up today. Can't wait to put these into action on the course tomorrow.
  12. I went into my fitter here in Cincinnati about 2 weeks ago and ordered a set. I called earlier this week and they confirmed that my clubs will be in the store and available for pickup on launch date 7/31. They actually told me they’d have my clubs by tomorrow but cannot give them to me until 7/31. Not sure what he cutoff date was on orders to be available on launch date, or if there was one, but if you got in early enough on the order you should be able to pick them up on 7/31.
  13. Good to hear.....but let's not forget the loft is 30* compared to 33* I am not a huge fan of lofting down clubs to make them go further, but was surprised at how much higher trackman had my ball flight with the i500's, even with the lower lofted 7 iron. I get that these clubs are most likely not fully forged and went into the session feeling as though the i500 was too gimmicky. For me they checked all the boxes in terms of outperforming the others on trackman and I loved the look at address. For those who prefer to play Ping clubs I think these will be a solid option. I'd definitely encourage anyone who's intrigued to go hit them for yourself. I could see these clubs being very popular in combo sets as well with the higher irons being the i500's and the lower irons in iBlades.
  14. My local club fitter got their i500 and i210's in on Wednesday. I went in yesterday and hit both, I'm currently playing the i E1 irons so I went in feeling partial to the i210's. The i210's were great but I absolutely loved the feel of the i500. The face was noticeably softer, almost squishy and the ball really seemed to shoot off the face. According to the trackman (which is still don't fully trust) I was carrying the i500 7 iron an average of 182 yards compared to 171 with my current irons and 173 with the i210's. I'm not overly concerned about iron distance but the i500 felt very forgiving and was also flying significantly higher than my current set and the i210's. The i500 was also more appealing to my eye with a slightly thinner top line and a more simplified look at address. Needless to say the i500 blew me away and I was not expecting to like it. Purchased a set on the spot, now I just have to wait the grueling 15-17 days from Monday, when they can officially place orders with Ping, for the clubs to get here. I have a hunch the i500's are going to sell very well. Price wise there was a significant difference in the i500's vs the i210's ($163/club vs $120/club) which may keep some folks away but for a hallow bodied, forged, players iron you should expect to pay a little more.
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