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  1. I had a similar hunt for wedges after the PW when I bought my 585’s. I ended up going to Cbx’s because my home course has had back to back wet summers and the extra bounce really helped. Be aware that I originally tried using the lofts stamped on the cbx’s and had too much overlap. I ended up going 50, 54,58 in cbx. I originally tried 48&52 but things were bunching up.
  2. I vote Callaway apex UT. I have the 18 and 21 bent 2.5 weak. Also have a U85 21 but for some reason I ordered it with the graphite recoil that does not work for me. I have KBS tour-V 130 in the cally's and they are money. After reading all the replies I think much like driver's the shaft is key in this category.
  3. Has anyone else played around with sub zero weights? I want to order a set but don't know what to get...?
  4. I have a BC+ with both a project X, X-stiff and a project X, stiff. Dont like the feel of either. But I like the performance. I swing pretty fast and love the lower spin. I'm kinda looking at any newer FlyZ+ or LTD with any other shaft so I can play the mix and match game.
  5. Following... its like you read my mind!
  6. Bought one here 3 months ago, favorite club in the bag! Also looking for 18 degree. GLWS!
  7. Hello guys, long time lurker here that has just started to get the balls to start posting. This is a great place by the way! I'm from Canada, Prince George B.C. We get winter here. Course closes around Halloween every year and the winters are getting longer. My group consists of 30 somethings with wives and children. We want to golf in the winter but we dont have deep pockets. Not broke but still have lots of bills to pay. Two years ago we had the great idea of heading to Vegas for superbowl. Four of us headed there and played 4 rounds and had an absolute blast. Fast forward a year we e
  8. I just ordered a Biocell+. Will be here Monday(hopefully). I will post my results. I may still need to upgrade my shaft...
  9. That is one sexy looking club. its a bit rich for me though. Will have to keep my eyes peeled.
  10. I recently purchased an Apex UT (21 degree)from a fellow WRX'er and Im in love. That thing is a beauty! Now I want to try a 1 or 2 iron. But they seem to be a bit hard to come by. What have you other lefties come up with? I would love to keep the cost reasonable if thats possible. Thank you.
  11. A quick update and some clarification. 1. I am a lefty who lives in central British Columbia, Canada, getting a fitting or finding a range that demo's more than one brand is a challenge. 2. SS at Nevada bob's was around 120. I dont know how accurate that monitor is? 3. Most places dont carry x-stiff, which it sounds like I may need? 4. The Cobra I tried was the F6. Havent tried LTD. Sounds like I had better remedy that quick! 5. My spin numbers and launch angles were terrible at Nevada bobs. low launch angles and high three thousands of RPM's some as high as 4500! 6. Please remember, club ho
  12. Sorry, rookie mistake. It is broke. I replaced the shaft and got another season and a bit, now I broke the head.
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