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  1. I will take the PCC headcover. Pm incoming
  2. I don’t pay much attention to Ping stuff, but this seems like a h*** of a good price
  3. The Mizuno xp were my first ever set. Bought them at Sam’s Club for $210 when I was 12. All my bad habits were lovingly developed and thoroughly ingrained with them. Memories!
  4. If this is what you keep in your garage, I’d love to see what you have in the house!
  5. No, it was near downtown St. Paul. They brought a bunch of light fences made of netting. They did it when the goslings were fairly large but couldn’t yet fly. The ugly molting phase. Then we just herded them into pens they set up. It was pretty slick, actually. Turns out geese are all sound and fury, they can’t really hurt you. But when they come steaming at you with their wings out and honking, you can’t help but back up. A coworker backpedaled himself into a pond. One of the instructors from the school just waded into the pen and started yeeting them into a van they had pulled up. You won’t
  6. At a course I worked at, the geese were rounded up by the local vocational college that had a meat cutting/butcher program. That was a good day, knowing those treacherous b******ds were getting what they deserved. The meat was donated to the Food Shelf. Win-win.
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