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  1. Doing the same thing for my nephew. He’s 21 and still plays off and on with the junior set we got him when he was 13. He’s 6’2”. I have about 5 bags worth of clubs to pick from, but he’s lefty, so back to the bay. Meager pickings out there for used.
  2. Interested in the blast motion. Do you know which sensor model it is? Original or gen 3?
  3. Finally, I’ve found a forum topic I feel confident I can comment on as I’ve played both shafts, albeit neither for extended lengths of time. KBS tour- feel amazing. One of the more responsive steel shafts for my swing that I’ve experienced. That being said, always felt I had to give it the nuts to make it work. Plays stiffer to a soft transition than the flex warrants. If I had to guess (which I am-heavily!), the counter-balance aspect of the shaft has more to do with that than the cpm or flex. It seemed like the more speed I tried to put into it at the top, the more consistent the results.
  4. I don’t pay much attention to Ping stuff, but this seems like a h*** of a good price
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