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  1. Imagine getting pissed because, gasp, someone put a tee next to your ball after you hit into them.
  2. This is a pretty good troll job. If not there is a reason why this guy is playing by himself, no one likes playing with the wannabe pro who is a giant ******.
  3. The suggestion might be for you to find another club after 1) hitting into a group and 2) confronting group that YOU hit into.
  4. Going to disagree with you about distance. The Vice Pro Plus of 2019 was shorter, however their new 2020 Pro Plus is just as long as the Snell MTBX. Honestly I love both of them, but the Vice give me a bit extra feel and short game, for what I want. Hoping Snell has a 4 piece soon.
  5. Just picked up the Cobra Forged Tec after test them and the P790s. IMO the Cobras felt softer and exploded more off the face. Another factor is price, Cobra's are priced a lot better than the P790s. Cant go wrong with either.
  6. This is how we do it. If no one from a team shows up for play, the team that is at the Club automatically wins. If only one member from each team plays, the single player's ball counts for both matches.
  7. Not good. He has a promising career ahead of him. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/golf/thorbjorn-olesen-arrested-sexual-assault-woman-sleeping-flight-british-airways-ian-poulter-a9032881.html
  8. apex17

    So, Tiger ....

    He said he is going to take time off.
  9. I had the Epic SZ, loved it. Sadly it cracked, Callaway with their great service sent me a Rogue SZ. HATED IT. Never got along. Most of the guys I played with who loved the Epic also hated the Rogue. I moved into the Cobra F9 and have not looked back. Best feeling driver I have eve hit. Mishits, like the Epic still fly and are not overly far off line.
  10. I went with the Z785 5-G 1*Strong and the Z U85 4 iron. I struggle with the 4 so it made the most sense. Honestly I hit the Z785 5 irons a lot better than the Z585.
  11. Lofts are stronger on the 585. The Forged compare better with the Z785. Personally I went with all Z785, the Z585s and I did not get along.
  12. I went with my pro, because he knew my game and my swing.
  13. I love my F9. I went from an Epic SZ, that cracked to a Rogue SZ to the F9. I HATED the Rogue. We never got along. The Cobra is long and straight for me. I actually hit more of a baby draw than I have in the past. I have the Atmos 7X Black shaft in it, perfect combo for me, actually just ordered the F9 Tour 3 Wood to go with it.
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