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  1. SS 115-118 AoA +5 and I am moderately steep. Irons AoA -3.
  2. Thanks for the information. Shaft is . Want to try the Graphite Design HD 8X.
  3. 1. Ventus Velocore Blue 7x tipped 1” and plays 43 1/4” in Ping G410 Fairway - $215 Grip to tip 42 1/2” 2. Speeder TR 857X plays 42 1/2” in G410. Unsure of tipping - $125 Grip to tip 41 3/4” 3. Speeder TR 757S plays 42 3/4” in TMag Unsure of tipping - $125 Grip to tip 42 3/8” 4. Speeder TR 857S plays 42 3/8” in TMag Unsure of tipping - $125 Grip to tip 41 7/8” 5. Miura Milled Tour Wedge 1/2” over standard shafted with KBS $ Taper 125. Larkin Midsize Wrap. Wedge has barely been used and the black version has rusted significantly from chipping in so
  4. I am hearing they are being released 1/15! Sit tight and then get ready for all other manufacturers to follow. Tons of offerings for 2021!
  5. Absolutely Agreed 100%....Vokey Forged Wedges that are sold for the Japan market would sell like hotcakes
  6. That’s got to be the i210 replacement. Ping doesn’t release anything until it is improves upon i210...especially with all the wins and the cult following.
  7. What in the world is coming to us. Looks what’s on the Callaway Japan website!!!
  8. Let me guess? Irons drop for retail on the 15th of January and they are released the day after X-Mas. Your going to be super stoked on X-Mas only to be severely depressed the next day because you are not so sure the X CB Forged are the ones. The depression snaps when u jump on the site and preorder before they get sold out. Nothing comes close to the ‘19 Apex Pro and I am sure they are going to hold rank til ‘23!!!!!
  9. Hearing orders are being received for the lucky 300. Who has ordered and what are you willing to sell them for if u can’t use them and/or if they are forbidden to be hung on the wall. Wondering what the resell on these will be?
  10. 1) Ping i210 4 thru U. The 5 - U is shafted with Aerotech Steelfiber i125 CW Stiff that has been soft stepped 1x. The 4i is shafted with an S400. All clubs play at 1/2” over and lie is standard black dot. Great Condition with white scoring lines still intact. Sell for $old 2) Graphite Design XC 6TX with ping G410 tip. Plays at 44 3/4”. Shaft is in excellent condition. Sell $200 no trades.
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