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  1. Ping G410 Plus 10.5 Degrees. Bought new and was awesome gamer. Have since moved on to the RAD Speed. Please note there is no headcover. Will ship protected. Sell for $old
  2. 1. Red Ventus Velocore 7x tipped 1” and the measurement from the ferrule to the E is 1-3/4”. Overall length of shaft is 43 5/8”and plays at 45”. Ordered directly from Cobra for RAD Speed and has been hit about 50x. The shaft is back ordered and is hard to get. Sell $old- no trades. 2. Bettinardi QB8 SS303 Limited Run. Plays at 35” 68 lie and 2 degrees lie. Superstroke Traxion GT1.0 with 50gram counter weight. Comes with purple limited run head cover and also have US Open limited edition headcover. Putter and original head cover sell for $No Takers and the US Open headcover add $No
  3. 1. City, State? Austin, TX 2. Handicap? 5 3. Current putter? Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 17 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  4. Not playing the 410LST because I played it for 2 seasons and already went down the road with 2021 offerings. Still have shaft ready if I decide to go back. More than likely will but for now being typical Wrx. Looking for more forgiveness without sacrificing ball speed and spin. Still super curious about hotmelted Max with spin between and LST being marginal.
  5. 410LST is super forgiving low spin driver. Felt that the 425LST is too fade biased. Messed around with speed zone extreme after being disappointed with 425LST. Ball speeds where 5mph higher than both. Decided if speed zone extreme is that good and the RAD helped neutralize ball flight (speed zone a little too toe balanced) that I need to sell both 410 and 425 for a RAD XB. Order with 4 grams of hot melt toe center directly from Cobra and it sounds fantastic and is super balanced low spin - huge sleeper. Sound without hot melt is unbearable. With hot melt changed the sound so much and couldn’t
  6. Almost there raising funds for G425Max so I am not interested in trades. 1.) Ping G410LST 10.5 with additional weights one 10G and one 12G. Play it monster style with shorter shaft if u like. Head was purchased from Club Champion. Raising funds to experiment with G425Max. Sell with OG headcover for $old 2. Real Deal Fujikura F1 7X tipped 3/4” and plays at 45” with Cobra tip. Grip is midsize align MCC Plus 4. Shaft is basically brand new. Sell for $old 3. Graphite Design XC 6TX bought new and can’t remember if i had it tipped 1/2” or not. Plays a little less than
  7. Thinning out the herd to stick with EVO VII. Only trades are worthy putters. Preferably Bettinardi. 1. Fujikura Black Ventus 6x Plays at 45” in Ping G410/425. Bought from a member here and I am sticking with the Fuji Evo VII - Sell for $old 2. Graphite Design VR 6TX Plays at 44 3/4” in Ping 410/425. This is a tour issue only shaft and I am thinning out the herd to stick with the Fuji Evo VII. Sell for $old 3. Tensei AV Orange 65x. Shaft plays at 45 1/4” and this was the stock shaft that came with the Ping G425. Sell for $old 4. Fujikura TR 757S and 857S
  8. 1. Ping G425 LST 9 degree with factory Tensei AV Orange 65x. Standard factory length with Arcos grip. Excellent condition, spin and loft are low. Need to move up to 10.5. Sell $old OBRO with Original Head Cover. No trades 2. Ping Tyne 4 Perfect Condition. Can’t unseat my Bettinardi so I am moving on. Specs are 35” with 2 degrees loft at 67.5 degrees. Sell $400 OBRO No Trades
  9. All y’all naysayers with your $0.02 about this that and the other go ahead and leave the thread better yet pick up another sport. Tiger solely did for golf to get it to where it is today because of his dominance! Everyone that has come after his prominence was in some shape or form influenced by him...probably you too at one point. Give the man some empathy and show some chivalry as he had an accident for whatever reasons. Glad to see it’s not worse than it is and wishing him a speedy recovery. FYI...Brandel Chamblee probably picked that picture because of his jealousy of Tiger that
  10. I saw Beep similar to Bump! Are the guys ever going to understand there is a market for forged wedges in the US. Similar to what Callaway is doing with the European only TCB Apex Pros which will be limited edition in the US. Can’t understand what the rationale is behind the decision making process?
  11. The MMT shaft is so unbelievable that I think everyone could benefit from the dispersion it offers. One of the most addictive shafts I have hit besides the Oban!
  12. I would just go 125 S. There is a pretty big thread in Golfwrx about the MMT’s when they came out. I am sure that Cool Clubs or CLub Champ can get one for you. It would worth the fitting cost to try them out. They are a huge investment to just blind order. https://www.mca-golf.com/products/mmt™-taper-irons
  13. Dropping weight from 130 to 105 is significant. 125TX are similar to CTaper 130X, PX7.0 and Modus 120TX. Going to 125TX you are moving up in several flex catergories. Think of going from 6.2 to 7.2. Flex down in these if u want to have a good experience.
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