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  1. There's a whole thread you can post this in dedicated to the pin. No real need to pollute this thread with it. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1729156-2019-and-the-pin-is-in/ Welcome to the internet... I'll pollute whichever thread I like with whatever I like. Plus, I don't know of a better way to say the USGA are idiots, I don't like some of the new rules, and they obviously should change them than to give a personal story about how much I dislike one of the rules.
  2. I'll say the one rule that you think is great that turns out being terrible. Is being able to leave the darn pin in. It's been a fight in my foursome. It was made to speed the game up... But half my group says it's statistically better to leave it in, and the other half wants it out. It has turned into taking more time for our group because we have to walk back and fourth to take it out and put it back in. One guy won't even putt from 2 feet if it isn't in. I haven't noticed. But I am sure that is happening on tour also. I couldn't care less about dropping from knee height. No on
  3. I honestly believe that over seeding 100% will make to tpc sawgrass easier. And would be willing to listen to why you would think otherwise. The greens are what gives this course it's teeth. And what introduces the risk/ reward relationship of tee shot to approach. You don't have to go long, but you definitely have to miss in the right area. You make it easier to hold greens and you take the teeth away. Which is what you get with overseeded greens. It will hands down make the course easier. If you look at the difference between the majors and the other tournaments, it is primarily the diff
  4. I play tobacco road a few times a year. Almost every hole there is a blind shot. I have accidentally hit into people. Those people did get upset. But I didn't feel that bad. That particular hole didn't have a bell, most do out there, and they duffed their second shots short on a short dogleg left. They were completely hidden by a hill and trees. But you really can't get upset for getting hit into if you aren't paying attention to the world around you by not making sure you can be seen on holes with blind shots. You can't try to hit what you can't see. So it's not like you were trying to
  5. Before I moved back to a 3i I had a 3h in the bag. And I could use my 4i for escapey pitch shots from under tree coverage. I could never control height as well with the hybrid. They always just wanna go high. Which is good if you always play from the fairway. But for me the only minus of using a 3 and 4 hybrid would be that I would only have a 5 iron for escape type low shots. Then you have to talk about delofting dynamically for those shots, which gets tricky. If you don't have that problem where you have to scramble low, or need to avoid wind. Go for the hybrid. They really are ea
  6. Cleveland for the win on best beginner putter in the 100 dollar range. Still had mine until I gave it to my dad who just recently started golfing again and he loves it too.
  7. I assume ping disagrees because they ask you to call them for warranty queries. Otherwise why would they not just put a warranty on a product when you buy it.. or have it on their warranty page?? They could totally say. If your club is 6 years old please don't call us. But they don't.
  8. Also, when you buy the product, and it says, this is a wear and tear item, we can only warranty it for 3 years. Then you know, ok, its only warrantied for 3 years. But if the warranty is vague, and the principle is that they want you to call them and talk to them. I would think that was 100% to make sure you had a good customer service experience. At that point, you arent just buying a 3 year product, you are buying a product that comes with a "hey, we wanna be there for you, and we want your repeat business, so please lets go over your options." You would think it unprofessional for your w
  9. Their website does not say they have a limited warranty. It says contact us and we will work it out. You keep saying that the website says they will work it out with you. It doesn't say that. It says that they would be happy to discuss your situation and provide options that may be available. They discussed your situation. They provided an option. Just because you don't like the option doesn't mean they didn't give you one. Seriously man, buy an I20 on ebay for $25. You loved it enough to play it for 6 years. Buy another one. It sounds like you were looking for a rebate on an u
  10. I have not kicked, screamed, or thrown a tantrum to the ping customer support. Nor do i plan on doing so. You 100% will have lost the time from your day, to troll this thread for no real reason. That's the only reason you kept posting, you wanted to make sure i heard that you thought i was entitled. I get it. You think i am entitled. It does not hurt my feelings. If you couldn't care less, why on earth do you keep coming back here. At this point, who is the nuisance. I have asked you to stop, and leave multiple times. Sounds like you are the one who is being a nuisance. You don't like
  11. They may give in because you're annoying. I hope not but it wouldn't surprise me. You might wear them into the ground. But you're not worth it. They'd be wise to tell you to beat it and go play another brand. And torn apart? By you? Haha. Please. And not for nothing - have you not noticed that exactly nobody supports your position? Good lord. Buddy, why do you keep coming back. Its over, you just don't wanna see it. If i get what i want, it was for nothing. All of it, everything you have said here today. It was for nothing. And mainly because you haven't spoken constructively enoug
  12. Oh its 100% a meltdown. Ill be fine. in the greater scheme of things, i dont really care obviously, but i asked a real question, and everyone just decided to laugh and say i was an idiot. Which was real constructive. We are adults... this is great.
  13. No matter what these idiots in here say... I appreciate your feedback. Everyone in here are just kind of acting like a bunch of idiots accept for you. Giving real feedback. Not making fun of people. It's appreciated. I tried to keep it civil... for 2.5 full pages. Come on here, give me some credit at least.
  14. HAHAHA. Oh no, not a customer who wants something that they thought was on warranty... God forbid. BTW... just a PSA... I am a great buyer on the BST, the few times i have used it... Because no one advertised there was warranty on the goods i bought, left the wording semi up for debate, then decided they didnt want to hold to it... If ping doesn't want to have these conversations, they can change their warranty to say 3 years when you buy the product. But they want to talk to me, they want their customer support to hit a home run, and make the customer feel like they are taken care of..
  15. Its funny you posted Francis Underwood and Col. Jessep, you understand though that both of them were crazy right? And both lost everything... Does a poor job of actually telling someone they are entitled, since both just kind of did whatever they wanted, without caring about anyone else... Plus you kind of are just a ******. But i just felt like saying that. As if you posting a bunch of random stuff would change my mind... what an idiot... you have said your piece... now go away.
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