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  1. I will be curious about how many resign. Everything makes it seem like that want you to resign making it pretty easy. Didn’t take me long to fill out the form. I guess they think people will join their clubs instead.
  2. Really stinks they won't let us play TPC Craig Ranch. Played there before they bought and it was a fun course. Next best in my opinion: Stonenridge Ranch Dye course Gleneagles either one but the King course is my first option. Stonebriar Fazio Anything after those is generic to me. Clubs of Prestonwood Creek has some neat holes as well as Timarron.
  3. Well Skyline was a disappointment to say the least. Would have rather played an aerated course that was in better condition and better layout.
  4. I've been contemplating dropping this membership anyways, but this pretty much does it. Had the incident where my buddy was blamed for writing on a cart that he didn't do and they dropped his membership and banned me from that market. Then I was told travel memberships couldn't play at TPC Craig Ranch. Makes my decision pretty easy. I probably got 7 or 8 other people to join. Looks like about 6 of them are dropping it as well. Not saying that just 7 of us will effect them in any way, but I'm curious to see how many people drop the membership and if they make any changes in the future. Palmer
  5. Headed back to Tucson next week and have an opportunity to play Skyline Country Club. From the photos people have posted to Instagram it doesn't look like it is really that good of shape. Any reviews or suggestions gladly accepted. Thanks in advance!
  6. Went for a quick trip Wed/Thurs from New Mexico. Played Oro Valley on Wednesday. Tees and fairways in good shape. I did not like the greens at all. Looked like they had been punched a while back but poorly sanded. Grass is a broader leaf and they were terribly bumpy. Tight course and forgettable. Played both courses at Omni Tucson Thursday. Teed off at 8 and finished the second round just before 2:30. Couldn't believe how fast we were able to play. Courses were in great shape and really liked the quick pace of the greens. Still not sure were everything breaks towards, especially on the Sonor
  7. On another note, I had buddy that was accused of carving his name and score into a steering wheel and his membership was cancelled. Clubcorp wouldn't even listen to him as the photo they produced of the steering wheel were not his scores and his name was spelled wrong. Head pro won't even call either one of us back. Definitely left a bad impression on me as I've probably have referred 6-7 people over the last few years. Have a couple trips planned and then will likely cancel my membership as I don't travel as much in the fall.
  8. Played in Tucson couple days ago. Tucson national was solid and would go back anytime. Oro Valley CC will be a pass for me. Narrow, boring layout with a broader leaf Bermuda greens. The greens were bumpy and hard to putt on in my opinion. Rarely did I feel like it rolled well except for a couple times. 3 footers were bouncing all over and could easily be missed.
  9. I was a member of Falcon Point but have been playing multiple places and not playing there very much anymore. Looking to join Walden on Lake Conroe this weekend though. Have a special that's hard to pass up.
  10. I haven't played any of those recently but would choose TPC Craig Ranch over Gleneagles based solely on design.
  11. Couple of driver shafts that didn’t make the cut below. Will ship in a box with pvc tube Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 7s 44.5” Titleist tip $120 $110 shipped to lower 48, $5 more east of the Mississippi Project X Evenflow White T1100 65g 6.0 hair longer than 44.5” Titleist tip $SOLD$
  12. Tha Champions course at PGA National I didn't think was overly difficult with the exception of the last few holes. You can always play the other course on property as well. Also, they only allow play on the Champions course M-Th.
  13. Houston has a few courses, but not to the level of San Antonio in my opinion. As far as how could anyone skip playing Brackenridge, it's quite easy. The only reason to play it is if you are into a little golf history, specifically Texas golf history. It's a neat course, but it's not on the same level of several others. The courses I would play before it are both TPC courses, Silverhorn, Canyon Springs, both courses at La Canters, Cedar Creek, The Quarry, The Republic, The Bandit, Tapatio and even Olympia Hills (hate their back 9).
  14. Wasn't impressed by La Costa. Felt like an old run down course, past its prime. Aviara was in much better condition and I enjoyed the layout better. If cost is an issue, may look at Shadowridge. They had excellent greens the last time I played there.
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