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  1. They’re great irons, but set up far differently than 962b or any of my other Titleist irons from that era. Far more offset and higher toe in the short irons than one would expect. The long irons are very nice profile with great face progression into the 7 or 8 iron, then it gets a little awkward. Very much a player driven design.
  2. Price drop I guess. Make me an offer. Taylormade greatness before it was bought by a bunch of suits and after Lehman ditched Dockers.
  3. SOLD! This set is used to be fancy, but it’s older, and rarely used, just like your wife. Taylormade JDM TP Forged 4-PW with Nippon 120 Stiff. Standard length/lie/loft for you purists. They’re delightful and total hammercocks back in the day when most of you were just nipple sippers trying to get a few more fruit snacks at church. I don’t want any of your trades; they all suck. Even if you’re convinced I’ll think otherwise, I promise, you’re awesome trade still takes it in the two hatch. SOLD $435 shipped or best offer in the US America. SOLD
  4. Touly is one of the best in the business. Always enjoyed our conversations, he has great energy, enthusiasm and unmatched passion for both the game and his company. Great guy. I’d grab a coffee with him anytime.
  5. Send me some offers. Will get a few Camerons listed tonight. X7s, 2.5 and Newport 3.
  6. Should be working now, because I have portly fingers, great for lady stuff, not so much for iPhones.
  7. I mean, why not? It’s like @nal, everyone’s doing it so no point in exercising control or basic understanding of science. Take a look below, it’s like a peep show for you little predators. Not looking for trades or services, just American money, electronically. Shipping to Canada gives me the willies, but I’ll do it if you’re the only ones willing to buy again (requires an extra $10, however, for the Mounties, because that get-up ain’t without fees) I’ve three sets of PING S Series irons up today and that’s not to say there isn’t plenty more I ought to list as well. Thing is, like many of you, I’m just too damn good to play a cast product. I stripe it like the “greats” and work that pill like a make-up smeared 25 year-old sales consultant the morning after Halloween. Pelts, ball-marks,pulled pins and a card with more circles than a bowl of Spaghetti-Os—that’s what I’m packing each and every time I pull up to the bag drop. You’re probably wondering if there’s some sweetspot wear or if the faces themselves are even flat anymore. I’m here to tell you theres plenty of life left in these sets. Sure, they’ve fallen witness to a master at his craft, but I’m a man of the people, played a muni or two, searched for a time on GolfNow and even used a coupon book to play a place with “template greens” just because I wanted to add a patch to my waxed canvas walker. So yeah, there’s grooves, effing plenty of them, because I’ve moved on. I want my irons pounded into perfection, individually, by hand, with some copper and $hit, like the days of yore, by guys wearing what looks like welder’s kimonos or whatever. Now, don’t fault yourself for getting your tickles from investment casting, hell, every society has its reason for dissolution or extinction, and I’m not going to be Real Housewives judgey if you’re looking to lay down some cash in my direction. Here’s three sets, two of them even have shafts and one were installed at factory by those PING guys. S55 4-P DGx100 +¼ (installed aftermarket and I took off the labels because I’m a player, obviously) Black dot Mizuno Grips $382 S56 3-9 (player alert!) KBS Tour 130x direct from factory (std length) Black dot Ping ID8 grips $147.91 S56 SOLD 3-P Heads only Black dot Couple of burn marks on the 5i and 6i plastic insert from I’m not certain what, but could be something to do with severely imbibed club building. SOLD $99.67 SOLD Sometimes I wonder if my total game alone is worthy of the record books or if I ought to separate by categories like draw flop wedge play, moderate to long lag putting, mid-length fairway bunker ticklers, left-handed recovery shots, or three-knuckle-butter-cuts off tees with right shoulder breezes. Either way, let’s entertain my wedge surplus in the near term. Fourteen MT28v5 TS Black Heads only Unused, as in new 50.12,54.12,60.08 $91 each or $243 for the dirty threesome. PING Glide 2.0 50.12ss 54.12ss Stock PING wedge shafts Black dot Golf Pride Tour Velvet std $70 each or $111 for the pair
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