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    913 Fittings

    [quote name='Jado' timestamp='1351078440' post='5838029'] [quote name='TCMP' timestamp='1351078101' post='5838015'] Titleist Rep was here 2 weeks ago fitting for our club members. [/quote] When do you get them though? Did you try one yourself? Thoughts? [/quote] We were told late January by our rep. #1 I don't ever believe a release date is absolute, #2 I am hoping by spring 2013. Our Club pro invited select members to get fit with the 913 series when the rep was here for pre-orders. Thoughts: hmmmmm, always subjective, but the head looks darker in color, the face seems to have less progression than the 910 models, particularly the D2. Ball speed: excellent across the face. Spin: low across the face. Motore Speeder shaft VC7.1 Stiff was a bomber in the 913D2 head for me. Did I order one? No. I want more testing in real rounds of golf before switching my R11S VC 7.1 combo.
  2. TCMP

    913 Fittings

    Titleist Rep was here 2 weeks ago fitting for our club members.
  3. I would SSx2. I've got the R+ and they are stout. They feel pretty stiff IMO.
  4. I can't seem to locate a place that sells i80 .355 taper shafts as singles (only find sets). Anybody know of a good place to buy them online?
  5. Shafts and Putter sold. Wishon heads still available.
  6. [quote name='uscgmk' timestamp='1346891857' post='5593673'] Close add. Thanks [/quote] You are required to close your own ad please read the rules.
  7. Can you post some larger pictures? They are the size of thumbnails if you click on the picture.
  8. [quote name='rybo' timestamp='1346078003' post='5542219'] For every Sergio, 43" driver, there are 25 other tour players at 45"- 45 1/2" or more. Do not let this get out of hand, most on tour are not playing shorter length drivers. Sergio is also short. He's listed as 5' 10" but he is not that tall. [/quote] Show me the data to prove your comment.
  9. Ping and RBZ Sold. Wishon 949 still available.
  10. Nothing new here. He's used a short driver, somewhere 43.75" or shorter for years. Guys with his lag need something they can control and that matches their swing type. He also back-weights most, if not all his clubs to the C9-D1 range.
  11. [quote name='GolfSeattle' timestamp='1346021929' post='5539041'] Wow, bet that Wishon is an Absolute ROCKET! What a great 3 wood! GLWS! [/quote] It's as long as most drivers. [i]Maybe[/i] longer.
  12. No trades. Used about 5 rounds Wishon 949MC 14º three wood. Hand picked loft of 14º and square face angle. Scotch brited the chrome face for a more typical face finish (satiny/brushed look) Shaft is a real deal Motore Speeder VC 8.0 Stiff flex. Shaft was FLO'D prior to install. D4 swingweight with midsize grip. No shaft tipping (per instructions of Fujikura). Shaft alone was $269 my cost. $sold shipped All sold.
  13. [quote name='DoYouKnowTheMuffinMan' timestamp='1345839817' post='5529023'] Him helping the team is irrelevant. He might be helping other people all across the country win money also if they bet on him. Did the "local pro" happen to be on the 2nd place team? He could have been trying to scare your team into conceding your place and basically handing him your money or he was just being a dick. After all, technically the "local pro" would have been the only one allowed to take the money anyway, and technically all of you amateurs that won money are now considered to have lost your amateur status. LMAO better get to the reinstatement process. [/quote] I don't care about my status LOL. My status could be in the trees, creek, bushes etc. The local pro did not play in any of the events that I am discussing here. He was just stating a rule (that he thought was correct). I am trying to see if he is in fact, correct.
  14. [quote name='DoYouKnowTheMuffinMan' timestamp='1345839138' post='5528941'] Are you sure he was a local golf pro or was he just some guy trying to strike fear in you and the college player? What he told you is untrue/ true depending on the circumstances "IF" this college player made it clear BEFORE play that he was not playing for money then nothing can be done. How he can declare that he is not in it for financial gain is the hard part. Does he need to write it down? Verbal commitment? This is another instance that can be classified in the "speculation" category. The rule is cloudy the way it is described: An amateur cannot play in an event FOR the purpose of gaining money/ prizes, but they can play in an event where money/ prizes are "offered". So it depends how you look at it. I would say the bigger issue lies with the NCAA rules [/quote] I am 100% sure he is a PGA golf pro. He is the only one at this course. The college golfer did, in writing, declare that he would not accept any cash or prizes from our events. I accepted them all. He was ok with that. What is the NCAA rule in question here? I do not know much about NCAA rules of eligibility in golf.
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