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  1. +1 zu85 4 iron steel fiber 110 s p730 5-pw 2* weak modus 105 TM milled grind 54,60 KBS tour stiff
  2. I concur. Sounds and feels like my old TP510 which I gamed forever. Finally a driver that reminds me of those days.
  3. I play 5-AW 785 and have a 585 4 iron. I don’t like the feel of the 585 so I’ll likely go to the u85 4 iron. Just feels better to me.
  4. I had to quit mid-summer 2017 and tried everything. Finally fixed it with a steroid shot.
  5. Very unattractive club for a Titleist. Don’t see this being a big seller.
  6. I took up golf in 1977 with a set of blades and have never used anything but. Today at age 63 I don’t think I’m capable of changing.
  7. Have you reached out to Eric on suggestions or possibly on sending them back in for a reshaft (at a cost most likely)? The customer experience is excellent and by far one of the better ones I've experienced in the golf industry to date. Anyone out there reading this and other reviews is doing themselves a disservice by not at least reaching out to Eric and the NLG team about their irons. I have not.
  8. Used to shoot under par about half the time but now in my 60’s I just can’t practice as much. To me it has little to do with clubs. It’s mostly three things. First is mindset and management, second you have to putt well and lastly you have to recover well when you miss greens. Save par and you don’t give back your birdies. I still play blades for what it’s worth. I know what the ball flight will be and how far they go. Best of luck to you. The journey is fun.
  9. I have a set and can confirm the whole customer experience was excellent. The feel of the 902 to me is as good as any Mizuno or Miura I have owned. I chose the wrong shaft ($ taper 115) but all in all this company does it right and the clubs are solid.
  10. Never hit a golf ball any higher than necessary to end up where you want it. Through the bag.
  11. I absolutely wear sunglasses on the golf course. I also wear a visor except between Memorial Day and Labor Day to protect my scalp even though I have a full head of hair.
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