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  1. Preferably just the heads, in good condition, but I'm open to offers.
  2. Hello all, I've just got one item up for sale today. I picked them up off the bay last week, but only wanted them for the shafts. The only trade that I'd be interested in would be a TSi4 head, but that's it. Srixon Z785(4-6) Z Forged(7-PW) standard loft, and play 1* upright. They are in nice shape with plenty of life left. $400 OBO $350 OBO
  3. I'm moving out from some stuff that I haven't gamed in a bit. Not looking for any trades at the moment. All the Diamana shafts have adapters installed with 2 down. Fujikura Speeder 661 Tour Spec X 44" Tipped 1" - $100 OBO Accra Tour Z RPG 472 M5+ 44 3/8" Tipped 1" has "Prove It Golf Demo" etching, so I've priced it accordingly - $135 OBO Tensei Pro White 70TX 43 3/8" no tipping - $125 OBO Diamana D+ Ltd 70TX 43 3/8" no tipping - $old Diamana D+ Ltd 80TX 42 1/2" tipped 1" - $old Diamana D+ Ltd 80TX 41 5/8" tipped 1" - $125 OBO
  4. Everything is for sale only, not looking for any trades at this time. Ventus Black 6TX tipped 1" 44 5/8" - $old Ventus Black 7X tipped 1" plays 44 5/8" - $old Mizuno MP18 FliHi 3 iron with Fujikura Pro 115X 40.5" - $100 OBO
  5. Hello all, today I’m selling off the remnants of my Taylormade setup. Not looking for trades at this time. Hoping to sell as a full set, but will split if I have a buyer for both. Taylormade P730 3-PW/Milled Grind 1 Raw 52SB/56SB/60LB Standard loft/lie, used for a couple seasons on and off. Still have plenty of life in them, some clubs do have a ding, due to my bag falling down, I tried to capture that. $450 OBO
  6. Looking to clear up some space today by unloading some older shafts. No trades please. Accra 472 M5+ - 44 1/2” tipped 1”, Taylormade adapter $220 OBO Accra 472 M5+ “Demo” - 44 3/8” tipped 1” has play it again golf demo etching on bottom, which is reflected in price, Titleist adapter -$140 OBO Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX - 44 1/4” untipped, Titleist adapter $old Tensei AV Raw White 85 TX - 42 3/4” tipped 1”, Titleist fairway adapter $old
  7. SIM 2 9.0 Head with headcover - played 2 rounds with it, but just prefer the look of my TSi3. - $old SIM 2 3W head only no headcover- in nice shape except for a pin sized chip on the toe - $old SIM UDI 2 iron with Hzrdus Black 6.5 105g shaft - plays 40.5” - $old
  8. One item up for sale today. I bought these to try out cbs, but am sticking with mbs for the foreseeable future 620CB 4-PW Tour Issue X100 Standard L/L/L with Golf Pride Z grips $old
  9. Only one item for sale today. Not looking for any trades at this time. Titleist TSi3 10.0 Head w/ headcover - in excellent shape, clean face and crown. $old
  10. Accra TZ5 Proto 75 M5 - 43 7/8” tipped 1” - Titleist adapter with 1 setting down - $150 OBO Accra TZ5 Proto 100 M5 - 42 1/4” tipped 1” -Titleist adapter with 3 setting down - $150 OBO Accra TZ5 Proto 100 M5 - 41 1/4” tipped 1.5” - Titleist adapter with 1 setting down - $150 OBO Apex MB 18 3-PW heads - I picked these up on here last week for a project, but have decided to go a different direction. Just trying to recoup what I paid for these and the x100s - $325 OBO Tour Issue X100 - Standard length from a set of TCBs. Z grip cord grips - $old
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