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  1. Hi - Looking for a new driver for my Father-in-law. He is 79, prob a 20-25 handicap. I don't think he has a wicked slice or anything like that, but just think he will benefit w/ something that has a lot of pop, gets in the air easily, etc. My guess is his average drive is about 210. I was thinking the PING G425 Max 12* w/ a senior flex. Any thoughts? thanks all.
  2. Hi - I just had back surgery unfortunately for an infection (so not b/c of overuse or a fall). I can't swing a club for at least 4 months, and prob more like 6 for a driver. However, he told me I could knock myself out w/ putting. He just said try not to bend over too much. I have a conventional putting stance (and putter) so a bit concerned I will do just that. Wondering if people have recommendations on putters or styles that might work better given this. I was thinking maybe the Bryson arm lock which seems more upright or I've noticed a few people on tour like Victor Hovland use a 36" putter which prob also helps a bit. It's not like I'm a killer putter the way I am so willing to experiment. Thanks all!
  3. Thanks - I know lessons and practice are way more valuable. Just wondering if a splurge on premo irons like Titleist CNCPT04 or even PXG make a difference over just "regular" clubs? Curious. Thanks!
  4. Thanks all - any idea when Gen 4 is coming or is it likely 2022 release?
  5. I'm sure I'm way late to the party, but can someone explain the PXG iron price drop? Are they now basically pricing similar (or maybe a little more) than other comparable clubs eg TM, Callaway and others? Thanks
  6. Price aside, for a 20 handicap, can you get a boost (eg launch up in the air easier, ball goes farther, more forgiving) from super premium clubs like Titleist CNCPT 04 or TM790 TI, etc. or not really? Thanks
  7. Thanks all - that's helpful. I'm sure this is a whole other thread, but should I just splurge for PXG for her? I know they're nice - just feel like I'm getting a bit ripped off eg don't care that they come in a fancy box. Similarly, any thoughts on the Titleist CNCPT04 (the most forgiving I think). I hit an older version of these for me a few years and they were awesome! (just expensive)
  8. My wife has a birthday coming up and is overdue for some new clubs. If I wanted to go big and get her some super forgiving clubs (irons), do you have any recommendations? She is a 20 handicap. I'm not a big PXG fan. Was thinking possibly Titleist CNCPT, TM P790TI or maybe PING G700, but could also just go with basic Callaway whatever. Thank you.
  9. Thanks all - I really wanted to like the i500's b/c I've owned other PING I series over the years, but the i500 didn't do it for me. Hoping any update (or new model) will be a big improvement when or if it comes.
  10. Does anyone know if this is coming anytime soon? I know they just came out w/ the G710 so thought there would be an i510.
  11. It seems like i'm seeing a lot more tour players recently using the M2 (DJ, Sergio at the Honda and others to name a few) vs. the M1. Does that sound right and why? or is it a mix of both?
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