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  1. Was exactly the same for me buddy, may have been the modus shaft I tried in them - but doubt it. I am getting on a bit and the new Project X IO shafts I have in these seem a great fit for me.
  2. Is far smaller, the 745s look huge compared to these - very long blade length. I tried the ZX7, but were not as good as my 745s (they also have the long blade length) and nowhere close to the TCBs. For me the ZX7 did not launch as well, and to me were more like some of the other modern lofted options. I know they have standard lofts, but didn't come off the face like it for me. I really don't change irons very often, I have had the 745s forever and tried all the new options over the last couple of years. The TCB is the first iron that has made me even think about switching and I a
  3. The A wedge has quickly become a favourite for me, I dropped my Vokey wedges and got the A wedge and a couple of Jaws Wedges. The A wedge feels awesome, I have been using it around the green also, ball comes off great and is ideal for those pitch and run shots - I play on firm conditions. The Vokey 50 for me was just too big a profile and too rounded, the A wedge is compact and frames the ball great for my eye; can nip the ball nicely - for me sometimes the Vokey sole on the 50 was not a great fit for firm conditions. The 3 iron is a breeze to hit and launch. I am a +
  4. Here are some pictures, showing the full set in the bag , the 9 iron behind the ball. The PW compared to a Srixon 745 PW. The PW and AW together and then the 3 irons behind the ball. Clubs are impressive, I love the smaller profile, but I am good ball striker.
  5. Got my set of these this week, happy to post any pictures or answer questions. I got 3 - AW and am very happy with them, love the smaller profile.
  6. Missed cut coming up, his first for ages - fair to say this has not worked out for him.
  7. He's struggling so far with the distances it seems, it does seem a massive change for me and I will be interested to see how he gets on.
  8. Yeah, I think in my view that they will not sell anywhere near as much gen 4 or gen 3 than they did the earlier gens - again just my opinion but we all have one. I tried their irons, they were ok - but for me they didn't give me anything extra. Having said that I don't really think I am what they are aiming at with their products; so maybe hard to relate.
  9. I am not sure, but do have one point People paying a lot of money for their top of the line products are probably unlikely to keep upgrading and paying that much again, so is a difficult one to charge so much and then bring out something so much better 18 months or so later. That is a tough sell and maybe the original buyers no longer believe in the brand - so they now need to appeal to the wider market - just my opinion.
  10. In my view true blades have changed very little, maybe moving some of the weight around a bit of changing the sole slightly and that is about it. The ones you mentioned above will play about the same for me. If it were me I would buy some cheaper older models to make sure you like playing blades, they are not for everyone. I still have a set of Mp32s I bring out now and again, along with a set of old Hogan blades. I used both for a couple of rounds last year and played fine with them, nothing different to the newer models to me. I am decent bal
  11. They need to sell equipment to make money and marketing their players using the newest gear sells, this is proven. Of course the newer stuff won't be much, if any better - but they need to keep the money flowing in and a lot of people are sucked into it, whether they shoot in the 60s or the 90s. What else are they going to do, tell you not to upgrade and keep what you have. Is a business after all. For me I have tried a lot of the new stuff, but still play my Srixon 745s and some old wedges that I like. I am confident that new gear would not mak
  12. Well I have tried most things, including the latest offerings - I change often as the hobby demands! ? Still always go back to my Srixon 745s, probably the best iron I have ever used and cannot see me ever changing,
  13. Well. decide to let them go, just couldn't get familiar or comfortable with them. I have returned to my Tour V 125 and all is well again, I just need to work on my strength a bit more ?
  14. Well I am not getting any younger, so recently I went shaft hunting as I was finding it harder to launch the shafts I had played previously - S300s. or Tour V 125. I tried a few and got the best numbers from the c taper lite shaft ,in 110 stiff. The other shafts I tried I was not getting the same launch and therefore carry. The modus 105 was ok but didn't feel as smooth to me through impact as the c taper lite (more on that to follow) My swing speed is 80mph with the 7 iron, I have a very smooth swing and transition and think from memory my Mizuno optimiser numbers we
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