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  1. ^ ^ ^ Mannkrafted “ WELDED FLOW NECK “ Carbon plated RATTLER handstamped hand stamped MANN KRAFTED putter The grip is currently not installed on the putter and will be shipped loose in the box. Bare shaft. Approx 33.5" long when grip installed. Comes with head cover shown. 9.5/10 condition. Amazing, unique face milling Carbon steel plated head (unknown weight but has nice heft to it) Incredible sound and feel! *** $550 plus $19 ....... insured shipping in the U.S., SIGNATURE REQUIRED. ^ ^ ^ Callaway X Forged 3 ir
  2. If someone needs to “proceed with caution” on my items because I too quickly provided a FULL refund to someone when shipping charges were calculated out of line..........then so be it. I didn’t rip off this guy’s money or mis represent an item for sale....... There are actual scammers out there on all types of forums and I can safely say with full conscience that I am not one of them. Never have been and never will be. There are worse things in life going on around the world than a poor decision on my part and a cancelled putter transaction.
  3. Communicated I was going to issue the refund right before I did so he knew what was happening, yes. I don’t think this involves you though.
  4. I too have been using Paypal for over 15 years and never have heard of charging the seller fees on a refunded payment. Paypal told me this policy started 2 years ago. I was un aware as I am sure most others would be as well. I did not withdraw the money from my account. I did not issue an e-check. This happens within paypal. They are calling the $15 transfer from my bank to my paypal balance the "e-check". On my end, all I did was hit the refund button and hit submit full refund. There was nothing deliberate here on my end. This should have b
  5. Just spoke with Paypal. Will try to explain their long miserable policy in a few sentences: My account started with a zero balance. Then I was paid for the putter. Then I did a FULL refund on the payment. To all of us, this should be net zero. (not prior known) The seller gets to eat the paypal fees on a FULL refund of goods and services payment. My balance is then $15 short of giving the buyer the full refund so money has to be drawn from my bank account to make up the difference of the $15. This bank transfer is what takes a couple days. I
  6. agreed. I said I was calling them in the morning.
  7. I did not withdraw the money to my account yet so I totally agree with you it should be instant. I just tried calling paypal and I cannot get a person. Says they are closed. I will be calling them in the morning. This may just be their policy on refunds. I waited 3 days for a refund from someone in February.
  8. The cost I was given directly through paypal shipping for UPS ground was very high. Not going to spend that much for UPS when USPS is 1/3 of the cost. Paypal is not an awesome service in general. I do not know how their policies on refunds work. My putter was not made by Scotty himself. Not a "sky is falling" ordeal which it seems to have turned out to be. Apologies........
  9. ^ ^ ^ Daphne's Headcovers Headcover Driver Fairway 3 4 5 wood FWY BOBCAT New $25 plus $5 shipped in the U.S. ^ ^ ^ Cobra golf hat hats Black adjustable and white fitted 9/10 condition ship as the pair $25 plus $5 shipped in the U.S. ^ ^ ^ PGA Tour hats - Tan Mercedes Benz Championship KAPALUA and Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Both NEW ship as the pair $35 plus $5 shipped in the U.S. ^ ^ ^ Mizuno MP-20 HMB 2 iron UTILITY driving iron FOR
  10. ^ ^ ^ Tour AD BB 6 S shaft TM Taylormade Taylor Made tip Graphite Design Plays 44.5” in head Excellent condition 9+/10 *****SOLD$159 plus $9 shipped in the U.S. ^ ^ ^ Callaway X Forged 3 iron 39.5" long Project X 6.0 steel shaft Really nice condition for its age...... Hard to find $39 plus $9 shipped in the U.S. ^ ^ ^ Srixon ZX forged UTILITY 3 driving UTI UDI iron 20 deg S RH 40” length UST Recoil 95 F4 Stiff S NEW condition. All of the factory labels still on the shaft. Hit 5 balls with i
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