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  1. Kisner my dark horse for the week, if you can call him one here. At least better be top 20 as far as my wallet is concerned.
  2. > @"Darth Putter" said: > PGA Champions Dinner > > > not exactly The Masters is it? > John Daly choose to go to the local Hooters instead?
  3. I have a clinic 4-5! If it’s easier, I can get tickets for anybody that wants to come out. I just need to know before the event starts If you can score me some weekend tickets I'd be greatful.
  4. Chad you playing in Winnipeg? Rn im looping for theo Humphrey
  5. Yes IIRC it is just as bad (in regards to a 'better' players sched) A week before the US Open next year. Will get some and not others. More euros forsure.
  6. That’s too bad, I was hoping she’d turn it around today. Hope everything is ok. Heard one of her close friend's father passed away unexpectedly.
  7. Interesting to see if Ruffels becomes the new Day as be was touted. Seems to be going down the Ty Tryon route at the moment. He had a decent week on the Latin tour.
  8. He's been with the same one since the Olympics.
  9. Don't know if anyone has seen this. Guy nails some of them https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2402175499808157&id=1439399176085799
  10. 10 am central. I heard the official say 8:00 local (PDT).
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