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  1. I going to build a set of superspeed, speed clubs. What are the weights of each individual clubs for a set for senior? I’m 75 ss about 85.
  2. Is this true for all adaptors or just Ping? Thank You for your reply!
  3. I read on another golf site about a guy saying that there are left handed and right handed adaptors for Ping shafts. Is this ture or just a bunch of Bulls**t?
  4. Thank everyone for their insight, I’ll reread it digest it tomorrow. I do appreciate everybody’s help.
  5. Yesterday I shanked or looked like a shank on 7 chip shots, On one green side I shanked 3 times in a row. Need some help! Drills? Why?
  6. A friend I play golf with has a Ping g400sft driver. He said the weight on the sole of the club are removable, and change weights. He changed from strand weight(whatever that is is something lighter).what does this do if you take them out and replace with light or heavier weights? Or it something you don’t want to do or mess with? Never heard of anybody doing this. Thank You for any info !
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