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  1. Thank you so much, it all makes sense. Are there any practice drills or anything I can practice on to get that move down? I didn’t realize how flat my swing has become, and I know it’ll take a lot or practice to get it better. Thank You for your instruction and taking the time to help a bad golfer! I do appreciate it so much.
  2. Did yours look like this? I know it’s hideous,but that’s what it is, bad knee and shoulder!
  3. I videoed my swing thinking my swing was somewhat good, boy was I wrong! Really flat around swing! What drills are helpful? I’d send a video, but don’t want to be made fun of my swing. Maybe one frame however.
  4. Can too flexible shaft cause a slice?
  5. I’ve noticed in some guys I play with occasionally, they went to a A, SR, shaft. I’ve also noticed that they slice the hell of the ball! They never sliced that much before! Is it because the shaft is too flexible?
  6. Would someone please explain the different types of necks? Slant, short slant, plumbers, offset, double bend, etc. what works for different strokes.
  7. I going to build a set of superspeed, speed clubs. What are the weights of each individual clubs for a set for senior? I’m 75 ss about 85.
  8. Is this true for all adaptors or just Ping? Thank You for your reply!
  9. I read on another golf site about a guy saying that there are left handed and right handed adaptors for Ping shafts. Is this ture or just a bunch of Bulls**t?
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