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  1. Thank you so much, it all makes sense.  Are there any practice drills or anything  I can practice on to get that move down?  I didn’t realize how flat my swing has become, and I know it’ll take a lot or practice to get it better.  Thank You for your instruction and taking the time to help a bad golfer!  I do appreciate it so much.

  2. 4 hours ago, Krt22 said:

    Flat hip turn leads to a flat shoulder turn. Since you are maintaining the flex in your trail knee, your hips rotate very flat and you move off the ball, weight is shifting over to the outside of your right foot. The goal is to have the hips turn on an incline by using your knees correctly. Left knee should gain flex and move out straight over the left toes (vs kicking  in early towards the left knee) while the left knee loses flex. If done correctly it's going to feel like your right butt cheek is moving up and away from the ball, such that it's higher than the left. When your hips have the right tilt, getting your shoulders tilted correctly is much easier. Explained better by Monte




  3. I videoed my swing thinking my swing was somewhat good, boy was I wrong!  Really flat around swing!  What drills are helpful?  I’d send a video, but don’t want to be made fun of my swing.  Maybe one frame however.

  4. I’ve noticed in some guys I play with occasionally, they went to a A, SR, shaft.  I’ve also noticed that they slice the hell of the ball!  They never sliced that much before!  Is it because the shaft is too flexible?  

  5. A friend I play golf with has a Ping g400sft driver.  He said the weight on the sole of the club are removable, and change weights.    He changed from strand weight(whatever that is is something lighter).what does this do if you take them out and replace with light or heavier weights?  Or it something you don’t want to do or mess with?  Never heard of anybody doing this.

    Thank You for any info !

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