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  1. Current USGA handicap - 13 State the goals for your golf game in 2017 - break 80 often and average below 85. State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at Callaway Golf - I've never been fit for golf. Currently have all clubs from only one manufacturer and never play with Callaway clubs. I'd be interested to see how can fitting improve my game. Also been following Callaway Live. The show is very interesting, the facility looks awesome and the host is funny. Current USGA handicap - 13 State the goals for your golf game in 2017 - break 80 often and average belo
  2. Any interest in trade for a 2015 Scotty GoLo 5R 34" As new as it comes! If no trade and price drop at all? Head only for sale? [email protected] Thank You!
  3. Which Big Moss do you have? Did you look or try any other putting surfaces? email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  4. Which Big Moss putting surface did you get? Try any others?
  5. Waiting on your final price of GoLo R5. $240? I'll take it, how do you want paid? Please text 620-875-1971 and let me know! Or email me [email protected] Thanks!,,,
  6. How about cash and trade you a Zepp swing analyzer, it basically new used it a couple of times, my wife bought it for me as a Christmas gift. Works great, just something I don't use. Or maybe we can work out a deal! Call or text me at 620-875-1971 or pm me at [email protected] Hope to hear from you very soon!
  7. I am interested on the GoLO 5R, would,you consider $225? Let me know ASAP,! Text me at 620-875-1971. Will be waiting for your return call or text!
  8. Still have Scotty? Price include shipping? How do want paid? Please call or text me 620-875-1971
  9. The GoLo3 that a is 6208751971 PP now
  10. If for some reason the person does not come through on the putter, I'll take it, can PP NOW if you want! My was stolen and need a replacement! 6208751971 text
  11. If first person does not come through I'll take it Please 620-875-1971
  12. Length of the putter and does it have Cameron head over? If 34" I'll take it. Call 620-875-1971 or text [email protected]
  13. Email me your lowest price on GoLo, not liking the grip so much and would have to replace. No other changes to club? [email protected]
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