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  1. Thank You for your reply. Just wondering, I like my Futura, but you know always looking for another slight edge. Probably just tweaked Futura, it’s probably no big deal, I’ll still miss some.
  2. I putt with a Cameron futura 5s and saw the newer Cameron Phantom X 6s. Is there any real difference or just slightly tweaked Futura 5s?
  3. Putter still available? Can it be shortened and then weights added? I’m interested.
  4. I meant to say 33 1/3”, possible to get the head to what my Cameron is, it has 20g weights. Not sure on the head weight, standard for Cameron’s. Shoes won’t work I need a 11. Am interested in the putter however. Thanks for your reply!
  5. A couple of questions. The shoe size is 14, how does that convert of the American shoe sizing? Does the putter have toe hang or is it face balanced? How was it lengthened? Could it be cut to 35 1/2 without changing the characteristics of the putter? Thank You for a response. [email protected]
  6. I would be interested maybe. If I shorten it to 33” does it need different weights?
  7. Interested...don’t like to lowball, but a little lower?
  8. Well what I’m asking is would you reduce the asking price so I could make the changes, done by a club repair shop? I figure the cost would be around $50. Maybe save the grip and then weights cost, plus cost of cutting it down and maybe new grip. Work with me if you can. Thank You for your reply.
  9. Would be interested in the 5.5, but I need it shortened and weights that correspond to the length, which would be 33”. So if you would adjust for those things I’d be interested. I have a same putter but in center shaft and would like to try a heal shaft, but a little worried about the toe hang. Let me know.
  10. Would you post a pic of the grip? Which grip is it, there are two different one that come with that putter. Send pics to [email protected] Thank You!
  11. Does this putter favor arc putter stroke or more of a straight back? Toe hang?
  12. Is the putter a training aide? What’s it supposed to do if it’s a training aide ?
  13. Thank You for the info, I appreciate it! That much more with the Epic? You know I’m looking for the holy grail!
  14. Ok, thanks. I do t have access to demo them, but that helps.
  15. Well which one? What’s the difference? Thank you for any info.
  16. Is there any noticeable difference between the divers mentioned?
  17. Any comments on the Sixron Q ball?
  18. Played two holes with John Daly a few years back, at his course in Arkansas, called murder Rock. The course is not operational anymore (I think). That was before he had his health problems. Nice friendly guy, he did like to smoke cigs however. Crazy long !
  19. I play the 400max tried several Cally drivers, none of them seem to be as good as 400M. Always wanted to try the SF, but haven’t. I’m always looking to the holy grail of drivers, haven’t found it yet. Always chasing rainbows! Research show that there has not been any or much difference between driver performance the last few years, only promotion related. Find one you hit well and stick with it, there won’t be that much of a difference anyway.
  20. Have no idea of their cost, I suppose I could look at the web page, but shoot me a price. Thanks for your reply
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