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  1. From 70445, never mind I’ve changed my mind. Grea deal but I just have enough $$$
  2. If shipping is included I’ll take it! But I’ll have to have it shortened to 33”. Think that will affect it in any way? Need your pp.
  3. Is the cameron a face balanced putter? Work for a straight back and through stroke? Does price include shipping? Consider a slight price decrease, as I would have it shortened?
  4. So how do I correct that flat? Thank You for your info!
  5. What causes me to push all my shots with a fade? Really showes on the driver. Is it my path, plane ... I’ve tried alignment sticks and it helps somewhat.
  6. If you don’t watch out you can develop some bad swing habits using swingspeed. If you not hitting a ball after a workout or durning a workout you might be Ingraining a bad habit. At least for me. Make sure you hit balls as well!
  7. Thanks to everyone for ideas or fixes! I’ll try most if not all!
  8. Please help me cure this! I only shank short chips, right of the hosel, at first I thought it was a open face, but no, ball marks off the hosel. What’s the cause? It doesn’t happen just every once in a while! I’ve shanked sometimes four in a row!
  9. Hey if you buy headcover set, I’ll split the cost with you or purchase part from you
  10. Anyone use the putting arc? Useful? Is is hard to use if you use it?
  11. So 400 or 410 better for mid handicap or slightly higher handicap
  12. I’ll take the blue one with stripes, not sure what the size is? It’s the second one pictured.
  13. How do the shirts run in size? A medium in FJ shirts are more like a large. Thanks! [email protected]
  14. How much do the pros give back to charity? How much will BK give back to St. Jude Charity? 2 million paycheck?
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