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  1. Guys, I can't thank y'all enough for the returns. By the way, does anyone play the ping g hybrids?
  2. BB v series, 20.5* goes an easy 180, nice trajectory.
  3. Before you start in with the "not again", newer clubs are out there and I would like to hear from "veteran" golfers. Looking for something like a 5 or 6 that doesn't automatically go left. Because of back issues, my driver distance has decreased greatly. Need to completely re configure my bag. 12* driver, 20* heaven wood, next is 7iron on down. 7 iron goes about 140 now. Need to fill the heavenwood to 7 iron gap. Any and all thoughts appreciated!
  4. Being 72 and realizing golf is nothing more than a great way to get out and enjoy Mother Nature, is helpful. Now dont get me wrong, I want to improve. So I saw a new young instructor in town. He had me make two changes to my backswing, and bingo, two weeks later I'm hitting every fairway. Not longer than before, but much straighter. Next lesson was on the course. Pointed out a couple of chipping and pitching flaws, and bingo again, close to the pin, fewer putts. He told me always work on chipping and putting 75% ofthe time. Most improvement will come in these two areas. So far, so good
  5. doa1950

    The Masters

    Anyone have luck buying tics from a vendor along Washington Ave.?
  6. John Gamble at Carolina Golf Manufac. on Central Ave. 704-563-0897
  7. Find a well respected teacher in your area and get a series of lessons. Sometimes all you need is a educated set eyes watching you hit balls. Just my 2c!
  8. Check out the Aerotech Claymore 48 Reg. Great shaft.
  9. Recently I have started impacting the ground a couple of inches behind the ball. Any thoughts about what could be the cause? I know a vid would help but not possible at this time.
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