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  1. Thanks for the input. When you say you used the AMT red in longer irons, what was your cutoff? Not looking for something to copy, just interested in the thought process. Thanks.
  2. CSwinton

    TSi3 or TSi2

    I’ve never owned a Titleist driver before and went into the fitting with an open mind but was sort of hoping to like the TSi3 better. On dead center hits they were both amazing but I had less dispersion overall with the TSi2. In the end I ended up with a package I’m thrilled with in the TSi2. I’m glad I went through the fitting process.
  3. I’m trying to decide between the T200 and T300 irons. I recently moved to the TSi2 driver after a fitting which I LOVE and thought I’d try some Titleist irons as well. My current irons are Ping Gs which have served me well. I’ve hit both the T200 and T300 7 irons and prefer the look and feel of the T200 but I’m apprehensive about giving up some of the forgiveness of the T300 which seems more similar to my Ping G irons. My ballstriking has improved a lot since I got my last set. I guess I’m just used to thinking about prioritizing maximum forgiveness instead of “enjoyable” when it comes to i
  4. The newly announced Evnroll ER7 looks much like a refreshed Barbados (no surprise given who made each of them..). I'm sure you could pick up an old Barbados for much less than the ER7 though. ;)
  5. ritz0019 - thanks for the reply My PW and GW are 45 / 50. I've been using a 54/58 wedge setup. 52/58 wouldn't give me much separation between the GW and the SW. I am also considering a 56/60 if I were to change from my 54/58 setup. Greens are medium to fast for the most part - as things get dry in the summer the greens speed up here in Utah depending on where you play. With regards to the rest of my bag, I use a a Driver, 5W, 3/4H, 5I -> GW and feel like that end of my bag is good - without changing that end I can add two wedges beyond my 50 GW.
  6. You offering to send me a full range of wedges to test? ;) I get your point. I'm not asking for people to tell me what to do. I'm asking for opinions from people with a lot more experience than me. It will help me as I think about it more myself. Isn't sharing ideas and opinions amongst fellow golfers what forums like this are for? :good:
  7. Of course - I'm not looking for an answer that will make me a good wedge player - that will come with lots and lots of practice. I'm simply trying to get opinions about a basic setup, around which I can focus my practice efforts.
  8. I'll check out Monte Scheinblum's video. From my experience so far, I do best with at least medium bounce - my use of a very low bounce 58 didn't go so well.
  9. Thanks for all the discussion! I'm liking the idea of making ONE of my wedges the go-to for shots within my full-shot range. Here are the options that seem viable. Assume I have a 50 degree gap wedge. In addition I could go with: 1) 56 - go all-in with the one-wedge mentality - would remove all analysis paralysis with club selection inside 90 yards 2) 55/56 + 60 - goal of using 56 for almost all shots except when needing to clear a tall obstacle or perhaps a very short-sided pin location 3) 54 + 58 - same as current setup but would use 58 almost exclusively but have less of a gap bet
  10. So what grind would people recommend if I were to choose a single 56 wedge beyond my 50? I am more of a sweeper than a digger.
  11. You guys have given me some great feedback! I think what I'll probably do is (inside my 58's range) relegate the 54 degree wedge to sand-use and practice just using my 58 everywhere for a while. That will help me focus on just one for a while. As others have said, as I get better with that one I'll work-in the 54 when it's advantageous (desire for less spin, different angle, etc). As more of a sweeper/picker, is the 58 degree MD3 S-grind I already have a pretty good one to stick with for now? I've often been tempted to try the Vokey M-grind... and the new RTX-3's are so pretty... but w
  12. I'm a fairly inexperienced player and am finding it difficult to decide which wedge to use inside ~90 yards. Currently I have MD3 wedges (S grind) at 54 and 58 degrees (my Ping G irons end at 50 degrees with my gap/A wedge). My 58 with a near-full swing carries 90 yards and the 54 is just over 100. INSIDE of that range, I often find myself conflicted with regards to which I should use. When I have no green to work with and I'm fairly close, the choice is pretty easy, but that's often not the case. Perhaps it's that I don't perceive one to be better than the other in certain lies as they'r
  13. Interesting information! Yes I will have a chance to try them next week some time. So is the stiffness of the Modus 105 (stiff) likely comparable to the AWT 2.0 (stiff)? I know stiffness designations vary a lot between brands but since they're both made by Nippon are they likely more comparable? I don't put much stock in the Ping online fitting tool but it recommended the Pro Modus 3 based on the LM data I entered.
  14. I'm trying to understand the main differences between these two shafts (Ping AWT 2.0 vs NS Pro Modus3 105) I'm considering for some Ping G irons. I liked them both and will be hitting them again but I'm want some understanding of the qualities / differences. I'm not asking which is better or which I should use. Ping's website lists the Modus3 as a high launch shaft (in stiff) and the AWT 2.0 as medium. I also understand that the AWT has ascending weights based on club. As my current swing is not very consistent I'd like some objective information beyond what my own shots will provide.. ;)
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