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  1. It just says JPX Tour, but doesn't specify which year, 921? 919? Can't wait for pics for sure
  2. What will Rose’s WITB look like? Here are a few clues
  3. how many sets of those legacy blacks does he have? Anyone know?
  4. He went from i210s to the MBs I believe? interesting move, thought he would have gone to the Apex pro or X forged
  5. He sure loves his brother in law, most people give reference to their kids, brother in law is a first
  6. He had an actual rose proto irons made by Honma and now he's back to Rose proto which is also Rors proto which is also DJ proto aka p730....... Can't wait for the news
  7. Probably my favorite bag so far this season
  8. Went back to F9 instead of SZ driver Went back to F9 4 iron? Did he ever go with SZ 4 iron? Not sure Added F9 5-iron? that's new Went back to C taper 125 S+ on the irons after switching to S400 before. New putter shaft Interesting! Let's go Rickie!
  9. leader of total birdies so far this season, impressive
  10. No pictures of the blades? They really are nice, premium for sure and can hang with the rest
  11. What’s with the 6 apex iron? His practice club? Cause he has 6 iron too in the J15 CB
  12. Those are still the 945 right? So he skipped 965 and the Z forged which were made with him in mind?
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