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  1. Yes, if Lydia is playing left handed.
  2. I think the ball might have contributed to the problem somewhat.....just not fit for him. He should go back to Titleist ball once the contract ends and see if that improves his game.
  3. I seem to remember Jason couldn't take the BMW because of his Lexus contract. Maybe his contract is stricter than others.
  4. But when Jason won the event, he can't take the prize car with him. I guess the same will happen to Tommy in Omega events....cool
  5. Sung Jae Im might defend this too.....will be interesting to watch
  6. Rahm is also a killer with P750, but now he's using Apex TCB, we'll see how he goes. Has he won anything since he's with Callaway?
  7. Who else is planning to get High End Golf watches? Which watch company is next to join Tag Heuer in launching Golf Watches? If TF is signed by TH, does that mean he won't play in Omega events? If he does and he wins, he still has to wear TH watch in the winner's interview? What does he do with the OMEGA watch he wins? In case of Jason Day, there was an event sponsored by a car manufacturer (I forget which company), but since he's a Lexus ambassador, he can't take the winning prize home and end up cashing it? Share your knowledge and your thoughts.
  8. Lee is on a roll, but I like Rickie to win this again like he did 2 years ago
  9. That Adidas bag is quite nice......are those the irons he won The Masters with?
  10. I think Colin will win this one his 1st start. Dude is on a roll
  11. It just says JPX Tour, but doesn't specify which year, 921? 919? Can't wait for pics for sure
  12. What will Rose’s WITB look like? Here are a few clues
  13. how many sets of those legacy blacks does he have? Anyone know?
  14. He went from i210s to the MBs I believe? interesting move, thought he would have gone to the Apex pro or X forged
  15. He sure loves his brother in law, most people give reference to their kids, brother in law is a first
  16. He had an actual rose proto irons made by Honma and now he's back to Rose proto which is also Rors proto which is also DJ proto aka p730....... Can't wait for the news
  17. Probably my favorite bag so far this season
  18. Went back to F9 instead of SZ driver Went back to F9 4 iron? Did he ever go with SZ 4 iron? Not sure Added F9 5-iron? that's new Went back to C taper 125 S+ on the irons after switching to S400 before. New putter shaft Interesting! Let's go Rickie!
  19. leader of total birdies so far this season, impressive
  20. No pictures of the blades? They really are nice, premium for sure and can hang with the rest
  21. What’s with the 6 apex iron? His practice club? Cause he has 6 iron too in the J15 CB
  22. Those are still the 945 right? So he skipped 965 and the Z forged which were made with him in mind?
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