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  1. Through connected device. I use my AirPods to listen to music while I practice and Mevo+ will tell you 1 data parameter through AirPods (or whatever) at the same time. For example, I prop my iPhone up so I can see all the data parameters in the FS Golf app and, at the same time, listen to music via my iPhone. When I hit a shot, Mevo+ will give a single data point (e.g., carry distance) also through AirPods over the music. Another bonus, if you have an Apple Watch, is that there is an FS Golf watch app. You can change clubs (significantly more convenient than you might initiall
  2. Someone using Mevo+ as a Sim is probably better qualified than me to answer that. Because I can see my ball flight, I only occasionally look at the shot shape - and that's only when I mishit and want to look at Mevo+ data to see what happened, if I can't already feel the cause of the miss. I guess if I had to answer, I would say "More than I would like (I want near-perfect), but well-within what I consider acceptable for the cost of this unit." But, again, if was seriously working on my game indoors (vs. just having fun on a Sim) and I was getting bad data that made me think my s
  3. Typically, TwistFace would make a club look more open, because the toe slightly more lofted and open so it can correct a shut face, defending toe hit. Contrast with the heel which is more closed and de-lofted to counteract an open-faced upward heel strike.
  4. So, you’re saying that it’s very ... SIMilar ... (I’ll see myself out.)
  5. Is anyone else with YouTubeTV having trouble watching the NBC broadcast? I was watching live and it stopped (spinny icon thingy) and won’t move past it. On all TVs, phones, and tablets. I exit out and, even when I select “Join Live” it restarts at the same spot and then sticks at the same exact spot. Can’t fast forward past it either. I’ve tried multiple times over the past 90 minutes. I finally had to download the NBC sports app and cast it to the TV.
  6. Ummm, yeah, that’s a completely different thing. Especially when in conjunction with Jason Day.
  7. Koepka, Paul Casey, and the rest of the Nike equipment players who went to a mixed bag did so because, as long as they didn’t sign a new equipment contract, Nike had to honor the contract and continue to pay them. (And, if you ask me, many chose Mizuno because Mizuno was never really in the hunt to sign any of those guys - Mizuno doesn’t pay enough. They weren’t about to give themselves away for free to the bigger brands who might sign them later.). Guys like Rory and Tiger, who quickly signed new deals, did so because they had the fame/influence/power/ability to sign another deal as good or
  8. Just adding on to @ThinkingPlus’s post by throwing the tweet up here: Am I wrong in thinking “just how bad has the reputation of the number 11 ranked player in world gotten that he can’t find a major (or any?) brand willing to pay for space on his hat?” Also, why not just wear a blank hat? Or a hat from the course? Or a local charity?
  9. Not sure where you are geographically, but in my part of the world, boars/wild pigs aren’t familiar with the term “scrapes.” They go straight for “completely wreck your golf course...”
  10. Yup. 2 year rotation for wedges (and players irons).
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