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  1. Gimmies are dumb. It leads to cheating, bad sportsmanship and arguments that have no place in competitive sport.
  2. Golf carts will soon be single rider vehicles. Should have been for years.
  3. What's your point? I'm interested, but what's the point of this post? It seems Costco and mg sell quality gloves for cheap. You can also buy quality gloves for 3-4x. Where are you planning to fit in this market? IMHO, I think you should go with the vice model and make them cool. Not that I know how that's done. Just because we think..."Of course someone has done that...", doesn't mean anyone has done that.
  4. I think your born a certain way and you get a putter that fits.
  5. Just took delivery of a KS1. Feels great swinging it in the living room. We'll see if it kicks the Scotty Select 2.5 out of the bag.
  6. Just happened to check Costco's site and saw it was in stock. I really shouldn't, but I guess I'll get another backup.
  7. I've been playing about 3 times a week since April. I've never seen a putt bounce out of the hole. A course I played the other day had the foam pretty high, which would make a difference. Also, I can imagine a bouncing ball bounce out, but I've seen that without the pool noodles. Play the game Harding.
  8. Thanks. That's how it usually goes when I play too. Might just be one guy I guess. I'd hope to get paired up again with him, but I'll bring my putter cover to the green on 18.
  9. I come here to talk about golf, but... My dad and golf partner was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I spent last week in the hospital due to a heart attack. The business I have built over the last 20 years (Catering) has vanished and now I have to find a new career. I realize I have it better than a lot of people, but sight unseen, I'll trade you lives right now. How about we clank putters on it. BTW, my handicap says I suck at golf, yours says you suck at humanity. Why would you advertise that? I realize people want to replace the norms of old with something new. I was just sayi
  10. Wow. I guess I was misunderstood. After a round pre-covid I would remove my hat, shake there hand and thank them for a great time. Then I usually like to mention something we spoke about during the round. (Enjoy that trip to Hawaii Frank). I've only played a few times since Covid but each time I, remove my hat, thank them for a great time, mention something we talked about and use there name. The last two things are for me, so I might remember them if we run into each other again. "Hey Frank, how was that trip to Hawaii." You know the car thing was a joke right? I'm suspicious of those
  11. You mean like the guy who offers to buy you a beer in the middle of your backswing. That kind of friendly?
  12. I went out as a single this afternoon and was paired up with another single and a couple. At the end of the round the single turns to me with a big smile, and wants to clank the heads of our putter's together. I happened to be playing with my new Scotty Cameron for the first time. I turned the club and hit his putter with my grip. Maybe when we get to the parking lot I should back my car into his instead of waving bye? Amazing how Covid affects the brain of people who are never infected.
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