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  1. I carry with a Gatorade squeeze bottle mostly because of the weight issue. I also like that I don't have to open the top to squeeze and drink. I fill it with ice and add water and it stays cold for me. If using my pushcart or cart I sometimes bring my hydroflask, but still miss the one hand operation of the Gatorade bottle.
  2. Who pawns a $10,000 diamond ring? I don't know, but people do.
  3. I haven't tried any of those, but I would think most on the wrx forum would suggest used clubs over the starter sets in that price range.
  4. I just received my GST-5w yesterday and took it out to the range and it seems to work great. It has a built-in battery and comes with a mini usb cord to charge it. (Haven't seen one of those in about ten years) I tried to use Google to translate the manual but it doesn't do a good enough job to be understandable. I have no idea what the button with the overlapping rectangles does, or what I can do with the memory card. Is there software, or do you use a spreadsheet? Is I find an old memory card lying around, I'll try it out. But for now, I'll use it at the range and it will be perfect fo
  5. Hook'n'Loop


    Anyone else playing on this app while watching? I had a lot of fun in it. I'm not gonna get into it enough to be high up in the leaderboard because that would take more time than I'm interested in putting in. Also, I didn't play on Thursday or Friday. For those that don't know, it is a live betting app for the pga using fake $$.
  6. Already sold on eBay for $300
  7. I recently got a Kirkland KS1 and am going almost all of my putts thin which messes with my distance control. With my Scotty 2.5, I hit it solid almost every time. Playing the ball back a bit doesn't really help. Just wondering if someone knows what causes this. Is there a standard answer to thinning putts?
  8. This^^ I am left eye dominant as well. I moved the ball forward, not all the way to the left foot, but just a little. I am putting way better now.
  9. Gimmies are dumb. It leads to cheating, bad sportsmanship and arguments that have no place in competitive sport.
  10. Golf carts will soon be single rider vehicles. Should have been for years.
  11. What's your point? I'm interested, but what's the point of this post? It seems Costco and mg sell quality gloves for cheap. You can also buy quality gloves for 3-4x. Where are you planning to fit in this market? IMHO, I think you should go with the vice model and make them cool. Not that I know how that's done. Just because we think..."Of course someone has done that...", doesn't mean anyone has done that.
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