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  1. I agree, if I didn't already have this same setup, I'd be all over them.
  2. I believe it's the 72cc version of the Tour SNSR contour pro grip but all one color.
  3. To me it's the perfect grip. I love the red star but always want a cord option whenever possible since I don't play a glove.
  4. Just picked up some Bridgestone J33 CB heads on the bay that I'm going to try some graphite shafts in. Looking forward to the experiment.
  5. Original Taylormade Spider Monza Rossa Center Shafted RARE find in this condition, could almost pass as new. Putter is completely scratch and ding free. Equipped with NEW Winn 15" Pistol Belly Putter Grip. 36” long with 4g weights. 1* upright lie angle. Putter was cut to play longer as a counterbalanced design. Headcover included isn't the original but is a Taylormade Spider center shafted headcover (ghost model) and is in really good shape as most of these headcovers are destroyed. Face is the original AGSI+ Titallium insert which has
  6. 1. Wake Forest, NC 2. 1.6 3. Yes 4. Cobra Forged Tec 5-GW w/ Nippon Modus 130 5. Look at address and feel at impact 6. I agree!
  7. You'd probably have better luck with 3D printing one but you would have to scan one or have the pattern first. Maybe you can scan a right handed version and just reverse it in the printer program. I did a project with @spryevoon Instagram and had him print me some weights for a putter.
  8. How much do you want to save the shafts? If you don't, you can cut them off right at the hosel and carefully drill out the old shaft. Start with a small bit in the center of the old shaft and gradually switch to larger bits until the old shaft is all gone. It takes patience but I've done it quite a few times with success.
  9. Still, to this day, hard to beat the Tour Edge Exotics CB2 fairway wood for looks, size, performance, etc. Are you looking for something current? The Cobra SZ tour you mentioned is quite small by today's standards and is a fantastic option. You may also want to look at the Exotics EXS Pro 3 wood.
  10. Isn't that the stock loft for older Scotty Cameron putters?
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