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  1. Price looks to be ~$500 per fairway wood, and that's before trying to get it shipped.
  2. You'll probably need to grab a 5 point star Socket like I ended up getting. You can grab a set for pretty cheap on Amazon and then use a standard Socket wrench to tighten and loosen the screw.
  3. Don't play Matte finish golf balls
  4. Yes it will. The driver surefit adapter is the same for the 910 series through the TS series. Fairways and hybrids are a different story.
  5. It's a left handed 910 that's 11 years old... Resale value was never a factor . Great driver though and it'll play just fine with that dent.
  6. I like the rust. Tools not jewels as they say. Jordan Spieth doesn't worry about the rust on his Scotty.
  7. You can play a drinking game with the phrase, "down the stretch".
  8. One of the favorites in my Yes collection.
  9. Only speculation but him being a pilot and her on tour, I wonder how much they actually got to see each other. Also the time apart could have led to some infidelities on either side. Again, just speculation without any evidence.
  10. Why can't Ping just make these as a regular release?!?
  11. Anyone know what makes the Guyson Finish? It's not a coating, right? Do they just blast them with a certain media or tumble them that way?
  12. The Tour AD TP is a refinement of the Graphite Design Tour AD DI profile but was tweaked to launch and spin a bit less than the Tour AD DI.
  13. Funny enough I just purchased a set of these as a new project to work on. Is it still true that Ping won't refinish the BeNi stuff anymore? I was thinking about getting a tumbler and tumbling them myself and see how it goes.
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