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  1. Not entirely true. As others here have stated, SOME companies TX flex uses better/more expensive materials so it's not just about the stiffness. It could potentially mean tighter tolerances and/or better feel. Sometimes the TX flex is also a completely different bend profile than the X flex which means it's a different shaft all together. The Aldila Rogue White was a perfect example of that. The TX flex had the profile that was more similar to the Rogue Silver and all the other flexes had a bend profile that matched more of the Aldila Tour Blue shaft.
  2. You're focused on a sleeve of golf balls and one person. I'm focused on the overall bigger picture. That's the difference.
  3. Like they didn't line up the Ping bag right beside him, Vanna White style? Why isn't anyone mad about that? It's a sleeve of golf balls, not like he's throwing up a gang symbol or the sign for white power. It's actually dumb on Augusta's part because if they hadn't of done anything at all, no one would have even noticed he was holding the sleeve of balls. I certainly didn't, again due to the proliferation of logos already in the picture, until it blew up into this type of conversation. For all I knew it was just how he happened to be holding the balls the moment the p
  4. The Golfworks Grip Saver will allow you to get the epoxy out through the grip and has worked almost 100% of the time for me. https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-grip-saver/p/saver/
  5. Look, I'm not the biggest Gary Player fan due to the fact that all he talks about is himself. I also know nothing about his sons but I thought I remembered there being a lawsuit between him and one of his sons over his Black Knight branding. That being said... Let's not pretend there isn't a logo or branding shoved in our faces at every waking moment. Look at the full bag of PING clubs next to Lee. You don't think Ping wanted that bag placed right beside him, even though he wasn't hitting an actual shot? They aren't providing his clubs to him to watch hi
  6. Your best bet is to buy a cheap club on Ebay that has that shaft and use it as a donor for your PT. You should be able to find something for $25-$30 or so.
  7. Unfortunately I do not. Haven't had to re-shaft a dynamic gold steel wood shaft in about 20 years
  8. Actually did a fitting with this putter. Was really surprised how much I ended up liking it.
  9. I could do it for you easily but I'm in NC. Easy to ship also.
  10. Seems like everyone he touches starts to have back issues.
  11. Since the adapters are compatible, did your fitter put the Ventus in the R1 head to compare? The SIM was designed to be more aerodynamic but it usually has more impact on faster swings. Could be the Ventus has a different balance point and weighting than your R1 setup or even a different length. Without putting the shaft into the R1 head and matching length and swingweight, you won't really be able to know if the head design is playing a role in your faster speed.
  12. Up for sale is a set of Wishon EQ1-NX single length irons. The set includes 5 iron through GW for a total of 7 clubs. All irons are built to a 37" playing length with the same length of shaft, headweights, lie angle, etc unlike the Cobra's. All clubs are standard loft and standard lie angle. Swing weight is D2. All irons are shafted with premium True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 (stiff) steel shafts and have Sensicore type inserts for vibration dampening and shock absorption. Grips are standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet ribbed grips. The irons are in excellent condition
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