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  1. Hideki has used the 201 version more often though. Take a look at the pic from his Master's WITB that WRX posted. If you look at the serial number, it says T201 even though it's not painted on the head. The 201 has a longer hosel and a straighter, more flat top line than the retail version. T201 Retail
  2. Just keep an eye out for swingweight as putting a 3 wood length shaft in a 5 wood head is likely to yield a much heavier swingweight that could change how the shaft performs as well as how it feels.
  3. I recently picked up one and have only had one round under my belt with it so far. As other's have mentioned, the spin is really low. I haven't been on a launch monitor yet but I hit one shot off of the high toe that barely got up in the air and quickly dove to the ground like a wounded bird. I feel with the amount of adjustability in this head, it's going to require some work (fitting) to get the perfect combination to take advantage of the low spin. I can say that I really love the look and the sound of this club and the ball definitely looks to come off the club face very quickly. I'm really looking forward to the possibilities of this head and once it gets dialed in, it has the potential to be an absolute beast of a driver.
  4. Everything I thought I knew about flex and how it affected the way I hit my driver went out the window when I tried out an Autoflex shaft. It's whippy as a fishing pole but has given me a solid 4-6mph swing speed increase which has boosted my distance beyond anything I've had in quite some time. It has me wondering if another shaft brand that would play just as soft would have the same effect or is there just something unique about this shaft? Has flex been in my head this whole time or could I really use any flex in any club? It's a strange consideration I haven't really tried or made before. I crush the driver with this very soft shaft but also still hit my 3 wood really well which is shafted with a Mitsubishi Ahina 70 S which is pretty stout for a stiff flex. The 3 wood now feels like I'm swinging a XXX flex compared to the Autoflex.
  5. I'm going to have to give that double wide a roll when it arrives. Love my mini collection of Tri-hot putters and it would fit in nicely to the group.
  6. You could almost apply this same sentiment to the entire equipment industry. Why is Ping, et al. releasing new irons when they are backordered for months on the current inventory?
  7. I'd say improvement in 4+ areas is a pretty decent amount of improvement then.
  8. Given the boom in the golf industry I'd be surprised if they even offered one.
  9. 1. Wake Forest, NC 2. 1.9 3. LAB DF 2.1 4. Yes,its my current putter 5. I've always wanted a smaller size mallet from LAB golf. 6. I agree!
  10. How many ways can you make the same shaft year over year?
  11. I wear a ton of Adidas clothes and haven't ever hit any of their clubs
  12. It's possible but it's probably super light and has 16* of loft to it.
  13. $600 for the first year and $300/year after that is still not chump change for someone that doesn't run a club shop for a living.
  14. The S3 Shaft Database by CoolClubs is essentially a current (and updated) shaft profile database and they have something like 3500+ shafts in the database. Unfortunately it's expensive to access, if they even grant access anymore. I still pull up my Wishon database from time to time to reference certain shafts but since it's been so long since anything new was added, it's mostly become obsolete.
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