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  1. It's possible but it's probably super light and has 16* of loft to it.
  2. $600 for the first year and $300/year after that is still not chump change for someone that doesn't run a club shop for a living.
  3. The S3 Shaft Database by CoolClubs is essentially a current (and updated) shaft profile database and they have something like 3500+ shafts in the database. Unfortunately it's expensive to access, if they even grant access anymore. I still pull up my Wishon database from time to time to reference certain shafts but since it's been so long since anything new was added, it's mostly become obsolete.
  4. I'm not 100% sure if it's real leather or not but it's decently soft feeling. The inside is plush and it's a very strong magnetic closure.
  5. Yes, most manufacturers will add some glue to catch any loose particles that could cause a rattle.
  6. The oval line on the face is just pings variable face thickness. It's thicker in the center and gets thinner toward the outside.
  7. Unfortunately the lie angle doesn't work in a reversed fashion with left and right hand adapters. An upright setting will still be upright for either. Only the lofts reverse like you mentioned.
  8. Well, to be fair, can you compare it for distance since it has a non-conforming .860 COR face?
  9. Does a flat setting adapter exist for the Callaway hybrids? I know there is a tour red dot adapter for the drivers but I can't seem to find one for hybrids. Anyone know of a source for one of these?
  10. I'll be honest, I'm pretty sure the COG chart is dead. MGS is committed to testing every golf ball on the planet (and to be fair the Maxfli balls are REALLY good and underrated) and don't seem to be coming back to the more detailed club testing anytime soon. I'm really disappointed as I feel like it's one of the more valuable pieces of data out there when it comes to equipment and no one else was providing it. After all, they have ball retrievers and tees to test...valuable info to make time for.
  11. Tourstage x-fw type-T Titanium construction with a heavy sole weight. Very hot and easy to elevate and can be found for a criminally low price.
  12. That looks like a Taylormade logo on the hosel to me.
  13. I'd suggest reading through the 19 pages here on the Big Bertha Fusion driver before making that blanket statement. The Ping G400 had a slightly higher MOI (not much) than the Fusion but the Fusion has a much lower center of gravity. I personally found the 9* Fusion, turned down to 8* was an absolute bomber that was super low spin and wanted to go nothing but straight.
  14. Make him/her master chipping and putting before any other shots.
  15. I didn't say that it would be possible, I just answered the question of how offset is removed from irons.
  16. Weakening the lofts of an iron will effectively bend the offset out of them.
  17. I personally prefer to use Naptha and find it dries faster than mineral spirits.
  18. Was the 8 iron shaft even installed all the way in the head? Doesn't look like it's long enough below that ferrule.
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