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  1. Kind of mind boggling that the TCB's/TD's need to get approval yet Callaway has 4 different "Long Drive" driver options currently listed on their website. Not saying either is correct, just not totally understanding logic.
  2. Head over to the TCB thread. You'll find what you need there.
  3. Might be a dumb question, but are these going to be released "publicly" via Callaway website anytime soon? I know you can go through a rep but I thought I remembered somebody saying Jaws Forged was going to release with digital presence. Thought these would be the same. Regardless, will likely putt an order in but awaiting those elusive lefty comparison pics.
  4. Today at the Masters but didn't even notice the head.
  5. Is it just me or does Justin Rose's Tensei Pro profile look more gold than orange? Did I miss something here or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  6. Any feedback from those who have received after a few rounds?
  7. Noooooooo!!!!!! If anybody is willing to part with a 9.5 let me know.
  8. Figured. Major bummer that some of the best colors end up being this way.
  9. Whoa. These better be released to the public. Credit James Oh on IG.
  10. Oh, go on. Please tell me more about his Nike sample site....
  11. There is a prototype UT making its rounds. Think Maverick McNealy playing one as well. Think he hit it with his epic club twirl at Pebble.
  12. Just seems like more Callaway staffers are bagging now from Leishman, Will Gordon, Burns, Stricker. Maybe I'm mistaken but seemed to me they were popping up more.
  13. Any updates on these? It seems with the massive push on tour with these (or dot version of this) would bring an announcement of some kind stateside.
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