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  1. Checking a pair of i20 hybrids: #1: 711857HB #2: 079667HB Thanks.
  2. True Linkswear appears to be ramping up to the release of their next shoe: It looks like it is going to drop on 2/1 with 48 hour pre-release if you sign up for their mailing list. Early pictures and feedback from the PGA show have been very promising. Personally, I really like the aesthetics and expect that these will be massively comfortable. Did anyone have a chance to try these on in Orlando?
  3. True Linkswear Original and Outsider are both waterproof and very comfortable with plenty of room in the toe box. Of the two, the Outsider offers more structure and support.
  4. Has anyone seen the new knit shoe True Linkswear just announced? It looks like a pretty sweet summer shoe for on or off-course. They are available for pre-order now, and I was curious to see if anyone had seen them or tried them on at PGA Show, etc. If so, how does the fit/width compare to the True Original? Let me know your thoughts. Also, if you are placing an order, the code TRUEDEAL15 will give you 15% off on your order. http://truelinkswear.com/
  5. I have the True Originals and they are awesome shoes. I bought my first pair a few months ago and just bought another pair at 15% off using the code TRUEDEAL15. have never been happier with a pair of golf shoes. The level of comfort is apparent right out of the box. As I had never worn spikeless or True Linkswear before, I had a minor adjustment period on the golf course. Most notably, I had to get comfortable with my balance when swinging from uneven lies. I used to really "lean" on my old golf shoes (which had a bit more structure) on uneven lies, but the flexible upper on these shoes did no
  6. TR66 Anser Right Hand 35", 71° lie, standard loft Sound slot Starshot finish No paint fill in cavity stamping Blank bumpers Sight dot (no line), black paint fill Pingman blackout grip Thanks!
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