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  1. Does anyone here know which hats are low profile? I prefer a deeper fit so low profile is a no go for me. Thanks in advance
  2. Looking for $275 OBO. Never worn, just decided they were a bit too flashy for me. Box got beat up a bit in shipping but shoes are in perfect condition. Can ship out same day. Message me with any questions!
  3. Yep. My ZITs were tight for a round, even gave me a blister. Every round since has been great though
  4. I have 11s that I wore for 2 rounds and 11 wides new out of the box and can’t tell the difference when I put them on at the same time
  5. TBH part of my concern about getting the 270G in dusty cactus was because I have the regular version and it’s so narrow that I can’t wear them on road trips bc my feet go numb
  6. Kinda bummed I missed them since I have the non golf version that they dropped awhile back, but kinda glad I saved the money
  7. How are you guys getting the blue/volt ZITs and 270s? I never saw them on NDC
  8. I don’t know how to link Instagram on here but TrueSpec posted a video with a baseball player, Shelby Miller, wearing some Nike Golf shoes I haven’t seen before. Can somebody on here help me out and post so we can discuss?
  9. As much as I don't want to return these, I’m gonna hope for a restock in wide. If anybody is looking for an 11 in the white and gray, shoot me a message
  10. I'm also in the Cincy area, give me a shout if you need a partner.
  11. Just showed the bottom of the flatstick. No weights. The new putter didn't make it in the bag!
  12. Holy Smokes that was fast. 5 minutes in and only 2XLs left
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