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  1. Beautiful. That 2 irons looks terrifying.
  2. I would definitely be interested in trying out some irons with the SMS.
  3. I think I'll be able to do this since I replaced everything but driver and putter this year. Plus with building a new house early 2022 if new clubs start showing up the wife will likely bury me under it. Tour Edge EXS 220 TSi3 15* Nike Vapor Fly 3h 20* Mizuno JPX 921 forged, 4-GW Mizuno T20 54* Edel SMS 58* Evnroll ER5
  4. 1. Yes 2. Driving range and at home 3. Help me make better use of my practice by being able to see what the ball is doing better. Help me dial in my yardages for better play on course.
  5. I can't compare to the old Edel wedges but I do have one of the new SMS with the C-grind sole and it's fantastic. I'm similar height to you and had mine build the the same specs and for me from 80 yards and in it's been the very accurate and consistent results. The weighting system works exactly as advertised in my experience. I did the testing with the weight in all 3 positions twice and both times I had the best results with the weight in the toe. There's also the thread below from the giveaway were I and the the other winners posted in depth reviews. For me these are worth it and I've considered replacing my gap wedged with one.
  6. I changed irons because my old set was 10 years old and not fit to me, switched to JPX921 forged that I was fit for. This has made a difference in that I don't really top the ball anymore and can stand more upright as these are +1" but my scores haven't changed much yet. Changed a wedge because it was also old and I didn't feel like I was getting enough spin, then I won one of the Edel SMS wedges from the giveaway here and it's so good I'm considering changing my set wedges to match. Changed 3 wood just because I wanted something newer. Hit my old one fine and never had an issue with it, just became my oldest club and that made me want something newer to go with everything else that was new.
  7. Shot my lowest score in a few years today and tied a personal best with an 80. Struggled putting on the front 9 but was able to have nothing but pars and bogeys. Back 9 everything seemed to work for me and I shot a personal best +2, 38, over 9. 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and a double with 14 putts. Hoping I can keep this up and get some consistency.
  8. I wear mine all the time pretty often. It'd be my main hoodie if it wasn't white and I'm paranoid about ruining it.
  9. 1. Did you fill out the survey? Yes 2. How can the ESB1 help your game? Help me dial in my yardage and adjust my woods to optimize ball flights. Give me the ability to benefit from hitting into my home net. 3. Do you currently own a launch monitor? No
  10. Hopefully $0 but I may end up replacing my 3h with a 5w, so maybe $300. Like many others have done I replaced my entire bag this year minus Driver(2020) and putter, which isn't going anywhere.
  11. We have a couple of clubhouse dogs but the only thing they're chasing is a nap.
  12. Really hoping for lessons. Either from the wife or the in laws.
  13. 1. Your closest Club Champion location? New Orleans, LA 2. Would you like to win a Driver or Putter Package? Driver 3. Did you follow Club Champion on Twitter? Yes 4. How would a Club Champion Driver or Putter package help your game? I got fit for a driver in 2020 but I don't feel it's the best shaft and head for my swing.
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