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  1. Not sure if someone already answered this, but when do we think they'll be available for pre-order, and then release?
  2. this is the most productive piece of information on this thread. This is stuff that most of us don't know and don't understand. Thank you for explaining it a bit. To give my own example, the IZ for me (which is supposed to be high flight low spin) was a low flight with lots of fade (I'm sure there were swing faults there of course). The BB and XC (low flight low spin) were significantly higher flight and very straight if not baby fade or baby draw. Pretty crazy LOL
  3. I mean, this has to be subjective to someone's swing right? For me, I hit nothing but fades with the IZ, and the BB and XC made it easier to draw the ball. This chart is telling me the opposite sooooo ??? LOL
  4. Hey guys! Couple things I need to move along to someone else to take care of! HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 90 gram hybrid shaft. Pulled from a U500 4 iron, and was playing at standard length for that club when installed. $60 obo pin 9/4
  5. agreed. I have a set of the Limited Forged Black Tourney Blades from Miura. I love them, love the feel, but get so sad to see the black finish wear off hahaha
  6. Does the mevo require 8 feet in front and behind the ball too?
  7. Ok so, for me at least, I look at ball flight the most. The IZ was going WAY too far right. I literally couldn't control it, which was sad because I got a lot of distance out of it. The XC brought my dispersion much tighter, can still hit the baby fade, and don't push fade nearly as much (unless it's a bad swing). The feel of the XC is more smooth in my opinion as well. The XC feels close to the Ventus in the fact that it's like a "point, aim, and shoot" type of shaft. Also, for whatever reason, my launch angle actually increased switching from the IZ to the XC and Ventus.
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