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  1. Hey everyone, If you're interested in anything, make me an offer! I'm sure we can work something out! Titleist U510 3 Utility Iron - Great Shape! Built it up myself. HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 90g shaft. Has a 1" extension to get it playing at a more standard length. $OLD HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black - 6.5 80g shaft - Titleist fairway tip, plays at 43" - Used 1 time! Just not the right profile for me. Very nice feeling shaft though. MCC +4 align standard grip. $130 OBO Lululemon Commission Pant - 38x30 - navy - Used but in great shape, no rips or tears. Lost a bunch of we
  2. Just like the title says! For Sale: SWAG Golf Blade style putter headcover - Happy Gilmore Gold/Green Jacket - $235 shipped OBO Still sealed, never opened, comes with the Sticker as well!
  3. anyone have any idea about the TSi hybrids? Had heard February, but haven't heard much lately
  4. I absolutely love it. I love the new sound of course, but the feel is much better to me. Idk that I really gained THAT much distance from the TS3 I had previously, but sound and feel are better 100% to me.
  5. On another note, this happened to my 3 wood. no idea how. I swear I take good care of my clubs Luckily, with the help of customer service from Golf USA of Manhattan, got it sent to Titleist and a new one is already headed back to me. Also, I'm lucky I live in Southern California lol
  6. Yeah I agree, communication is everything. It sucks when you're always the one to have to reach out
  7. It’s because that shaft has been back ordered basically since the preorder opened up. They said mid January
  8. very interested in those 9x testings, looking to build a 5 wood, probably tsi2 for added forgiveness but I love the tsi3 for my 3 wood and driver
  9. The tensei white shaft is backordered until January, I was told from Golf USA of Manhattan. I ordered even before you did, and that's what they told me. I ended up switching the shaft the RDX since I have my gamer shaft already anyways
  10. Christmas Apparel Sale! Extra Large Polos, 38x30 slim fit pants, 38 waist shorts 1. Lululemon ABC Pant, 38x30, dark grey - $50 OBO 2. Nike Flex Pant Slim, 38x30, Black - $30 OBO 3. Nike Flex Pant Slim, 38x30, Grey - $30 OBO 4. Nike Tiger Woods Polo, XL, Grey/Red - $25 OBO pin 12/15
  11. Yeah this is pretty much what I was thinking. My driver has a heavier swing weight that my 3 wood, and my 3 wood is a heavier swing weight than my hybrid. Want to increase swing weight on my hybrid for sure. was just kind of curious as to what a standard weight usually is from an OEM for their woods or hybrid
  12. Just curious here! If the “standard” swing weight for irons is anywhere from D0 to D2, what should the standard swing weight be for a 19° hybrid that plays at 40.5”? 3 wood at 43”? And Driver at 45”? I know there are a lot of things that add or subtract weight, but if we’re talking about standard, what is it? I have trouble finding that information. I know that woods are sometimes a bit different because of the weights we add to them to adjust flight bias. But any help or knowledge anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!
  13. if anyone has their TSi3 Driver heads, post a pic that shows serial number location? I want to know what it's supposed to look like so I can spot a fake online if needed! Thanks!
  14. annnnnnnnd just like that, they fixed it. question answered lol
  15. Has anyone else seen that on GOLFUSA, the Tensei pro orange 60 tx shaft is no up-charge??? This must be a mistake right?
  16. I hit the TSi3 driver and 3wood again today with my current shaft set up. Picked up 2-3 mph in ball speed, and actually the consistency of the feel of the strike felt unreal (if that makes sense). I noticed that with my TS3, I really knew when I missed. The TSi3 (both driver and fairway) had a very consistent feel throughout the face. It was very nice for my confidence, felt I could just rip away at it.
  17. A little birdie told me they will still get released...
  18. Not sure if someone already answered this, but when do we think they'll be available for pre-order, and then release?
  19. this is the most productive piece of information on this thread. This is stuff that most of us don't know and don't understand. Thank you for explaining it a bit. To give my own example, the IZ for me (which is supposed to be high flight low spin) was a low flight with lots of fade (I'm sure there were swing faults there of course). The BB and XC (low flight low spin) were significantly higher flight and very straight if not baby fade or baby draw. Pretty crazy LOL
  20. I mean, this has to be subjective to someone's swing right? For me, I hit nothing but fades with the IZ, and the BB and XC made it easier to draw the ball. This chart is telling me the opposite sooooo ??? LOL
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