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  1. I know I've said this before, but these clubs just look so slick. I'm looking at my 718 AP2 right now and still digging those more, but if the feel is right on the 919 Tour... who knows lol
  2. Is there actually a good following for these clubs? I didn't see much of their last set of concept irons
  3. Is it supposed to be more face-balanced or something?
  4. $500 a club? Might as well get yourself a custom PXG set
  5. I get what you're saying for sure. As I'm sure you already know, they're just relating the inches in extra length, stronger loft, and graphite shaft into more distance. The head sizes look pretty large, which would make me think more forgiveness. I can see it being a pretty consistent club depending on strike of course, like anything else out there.
  6. I'd change shafts and clubs depending on course as well if I could, we all would lol
  7. I wish the GAPR Lo was thinner, if that makes sense. Looks like a huge top line and back end, was never fond of that really. That's why I like the UDI and T-MB stuff
  8. unreal, those challenge the AP2 for best looking for sure, in my opinion
  9. Ended up making the switch to AP2s since i wanted stiffer shafts. Unreal feeling and look to these irons. Tested all the Mizuno stuff as well, kept coming back around to AP2s
  10. Well yeah... the entire point of a SeeMore putter is to force you to do it they way they want. That's why they exist. Yeah, and as we look at the rest of the entire golf world, we know that's a misconception. SO many different ways to do things, and I don't see an enormous amount of people playing SeeMore putters. And i don't see the attraction to this one but time will tell!
  11. hit both the 900s and the MMCs recently. Liked them both, ended up going with AP2s but still really interested in the new JPX line for sure
  12. oh my, that thing is ugly I feel like these types of putters like SeeMore and now this concept here are all about just 1 type of putting style. Basically you have to do it the way they want you to or its entirely wrong.
  13. They'll win tour events, maybe even a major. They'll pop up late in the FedEx Cup series. They'll get play in the Ryder Cup and on every major tour and every notable amateur event on the planet - and still, some numbskull WRX'er will dub them 'spinny' and complain about the lack of 'tech'. This place can be ridiculous... Don’t forget singling out every staffer that doesn’t switch immediately as proof of an inferior product. Or the guys who put it in play for the first time and then miss the cut that week... Yeah and most pro golfers aren't picky at all, they just throw whatever the to
  14. andddd looks like i was wrong about the Europe only thing haha. They look really nice but 1599 is a lot
  15. so no more vertical groove driver?! hahaha
  16. Idk what it is, but i hit the P770 irons so well. I'm a Titleist guy, and love the AP2s especially the 718, but i just can't justify switching from my P770 right now. I do need stiffer shafts however so maybeeeeee lol
  17. so do we think the ts2 gonna be compared to the 915Fd model?
  18. Technically it should be right? I'd be hoping for a little extra in a Driving Iron compared to my regular irons. Although, those P790 aren't regular irons by any means lol
  19. I try my hardest not to spend $45-$50 on a dozen golf balls. I find plenty of ProVs on the course to never really worry about it. I bought some of the last K-Sigs Tour Performance balls that were out and think they're great. Not convinced that they're better than the old ProV1X or new ProV1, but good enough for me. Bought 4 dozen for like $70. Thats WAY more worth it than anything else out there right now for myself. I have tried the AVX and do like it, but just can't convince myself to spend the money at this point.
  20. I got fit for the IZ, tried the DI and BB. Liked all of them to be honest, but the numbers were too good with the IZ to pass up. I feel like I can absolutely lay into the IZ and it still feels smooth and has a great ball flight
  21. I'm gaming a 917D2 with a Tour AD IZ 7X shaft. love it. However, I'm always interested in the latest and greatest to see if I can increase distance even more. For whatever reason, I just can't get a TM/Callaway driver to straighten out for me. I've hit the G400 a couple times and have had better luck but not hitting it any farther really. Gonna keep rocking Titleist until I'm fit with something that's noticeably better at this point
  22. Looks pretty sweet, but would like matte black better. Good points made about the finish wearing off, but that goes the same for my SM6 Jet black wedges too. Hasn't really bothered me all the much. That website selling says its Limited Edition for Europe only, only 500 sets made
  23. Probably not possible to buy heads only unless you get them on the secondary market (i.e. here) but the best bang for your buck is to buy them with whatever the hottest stock / no upcharge shaft is and sell those on the BST or something.. Diamana Whites/Blues in 80X and the like generally bring some decent money versus some of the other higher launching lightweight stuff Thats good to know, thank you!
  24. maybe this is a dumb question, but does anyone know a way that i could purchase the heads only? I have shafts that I'm good with, so if the adapter is the same, id prefer to just by heads only
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