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  1. lol it's funny that people like these but don't like the drivers. The only difference is the presence/absence of the active recoil channel in the fairways/drivers
  2. I feel like it's a little bit of both right? They'll have to catch up to other OEMs but I sure am hoping it further secures a good financial future for Titleist. I couldn't imagine a golf world without Titleist offering a full variety of products
  3. I like it, switch it up, try something new. We all know there's so many options out there, he should be trying anything to get some confidence again. Sometimes you gotta find a new "ol' faithful", if that makes sense lol
  4. I found an AVX ball, hit it within 2 feet from the pin, so obviously it's the best ball ever. LOL But in all seriousness, I've only tried it one time, but felt comparable to ProVs. Only way to really know is to get a ball fitting and find out what's best for you. Has anyone ever done a ball fitting? I have yet to do so, but would be interested to know what's best for me
  5. sooooooooo how can I get Phil's Sub Zero with the extra weight? (cool)
  6. Hoping they keep the looks the same as well. I still have yet to try the JPX900s; always thought they looked cool though and know they perform really well
  7. Yes. He switched right before the Masters to 730’s to “get his ball flight in a better window”. Hahahaha. LOL.! Pros are head cases just like us. It just has to be a problem with the clubs....right? I wonder if he’s a WRXer? LOL gotta be a WRXer. He must've been looking for a little more workability in that case, cause he'd obviously get more forgiveness with the P750s
  8. I'm late on the take here, but what was he using prior? P730s?
  9. I have a 917D2 paired with a Tour AD IZ-7x right now. I love it, and do just fine out there on the course. I see everybody playing TM/Ping/Callaway, and i've tried all of those as well. I can honestly say I don't hit anything better than Titleist (for now). I will take more fairways over a couple extra yards any day; the only way i'd change is if I see a true/noticeable straight distance improvement
  10. I'm interested in trying the TS2 for sure. I have a 917 D2, playing it with a AD IZ-7x shaft. I like it a lot, but I can really only compare that to the 910 I was using before. Interested to see what "improvements" they have for us.
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