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  1. Adams 2 driving iron gone-zo. Thinking of replacing your 4 iron but don't love hybrids like me, that 24* Adams is YOUR GUY.
  2. A few extras I have lying around right now. All prices include shipping & PayPal fees. Located in Minneapolis if any body local wants to meet for cheaper price. Have access to build shop so can customize any shafts or heads but you will have to cover adapter and grip costs. Shoot me offers, want these moved so I can buy some more stuff from here Titleist TS3 10.5* Driver with a HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 shaft - stiff - standard length. Please see pictures for condition, this bomber got a ton of use but still looks very clean on the top (just a little bit of paint goi
  3. My old man wants to try out a 60* wedge but not looking to spend much. Looks like there are a few SM5s on eBay going for around this dollar amount so wanted to see what else is out there so I don't have to give the bay my business. Shipping would be to Minneapolis, MN
  4. Prefer adjustable hosel models with brands at the top of the want list being Titleist, PXG, Exotics, Ping, Cobra. Open to others tho. Don't care about shaft what-so-ever. Thanks!
  5. Just the small stuff left so going to close for now and relist when some new things pop up from testing!
  6. jumping on this thread because I to have begun searching for my swing sherpa. Live in Minneapolis and looking for a great teacher in the twin cities area. I'm a big Monte guy, so booking with any random teaching pro that mentions "system" in their lesson copy scares the bejeezus out of me.
  7. They're so good, makes sense TM brought them back. Probably going to regret selling the 18* but hanging on to my 21* until something newer beats it out.
  8. Thanks mate, posted this during the national championship half time...might have rushed it a bit. Updating now
  9. My offseason has officially begun which means it's testing season! Buy the stuff I loved this past year so I can buy more stuff on here to test and hopefully love this upcoming season All prices include shipping CONUS and PayPal fees. Need any heads pulled or adapters changed? Shoot me a message, have access to a full build shop. Let's start with the big s Have two of the best looking driver heads imo ever made. Put those heavy weights forward and it may just be the best feeling as well. Get er in 10.5* or the low launching 9* BEAST. Both come with the uber nice le
  10. Lovely. I play Miura blades now but the Endo forged clubs I have hit in the past have imparted fond memories... a longing to hit them again. Gonna have to give this grindworks website a visit
  11. jeezus those are beautiful. what's grindworks story? I've never heard of them
  12. Also curious if anybody has tested...starting my testing season soon and these two are at the top of my list this year.
  13. Third this. very spinny and very firm. Love this ball but actually switched away from it cause I was getting too much spin
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