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  1. Me to my 4-ball partner after going 4 down thru 4 but a par 5 and driveable par 4 are next.... "the eagles...THE EAGLES ARE COMING!"
  2. fantastic write-up. thanks mate! been thinking about trying out those MBs for a while now
  3. Oh I hear ya. I'd for sure be a tour pro today too if I had started when I was 6, could keep my drives on this planet, have any sort of short game and stop playing 4ft gimmes every time out.
  4. Thanks for the write-up and insight mkuether! Almost pulled the trigger on that Prime Day deal as well
  5. Right?? When's the last time they released a MB. It's been years I believe
  6. The day before a high-stakes-for-me 36 hole day I hit up the range - who had just switched to mats for some reason - to make sure my driver swing is dialed and while warming up I could not hit an iron flush to save my life so of course did some tweaks to the swing and felt really good about it....on the range..on mats. Next day hit every wedge/iron shot fat and was just guessing all day with the dumb new swing thoughts the range put in my head. Worse 2 rounds of golf I played all year. hands down
  7. Snow coming down hard right now in MN making me think about a week ago at The Preserve
  8. love the look of this thing but am curious like messma. how does this thing perform??
  9. Me when one of my playing buddies asks why he keeps fatting every shot: "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" -A Few Good Men
  10. I have tested both and currently game the F9. I still throw the TS3 head on now again when we play at my bro-in-law's simulator but it does not seem to be as forgiving for me as the F9, especially on low face strikes which is my usual miss. The ball speeds between the two have always been nearly identical but it does seem like I can squeeze a little bit more out of the TS3. I only loose a couple mph on ball speed with the low strikes on the F9 but probably more than 5 mph with the TS3. Pair the low strike forgiveness of the F9 + I like the look of it a lot more behind the ball (the
  11. Ended up going with Hatton over Rahm and am a little bit richer today because of it. Today I went with Day over Poulter at +105. No great reasoning here but want to root for Day and liked what I saw from him yesterday. Poulter seems to be in fine form though.
  12. I switched from 2 yr old irons to 12 yr old Miura retro blades last year and love love love them.
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