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  1. I absolutely adored my Miura retros: But I don't think anything can beat the original Baby Blades - so another vote for those bad hombres Also had a CB-201 Straight Neck in just a 4i that I have yet to find something that feels as good when hit flush.
  2. Haha, I hear ya. I'm still bothering my old man to give me back my Adams Tight lies 3 wood I passed down to him a decade ago but I'm a bit of a club ho so I need to adhere to my wife's policy; one club in = one club out.
  3. K, so I know it's not a 3 wood...and it's not his Diablo head but Henrik Stenson DID play with this head for a while and it comes with his forever loved/cult classic shaft - grafalloy prolaunch blue in the legendary 85x. This baby has given me the most looks at eagle in my life and a true fairway finder off the tee. I have loved and trusted it with my life the same way Stenson has with his 3 wood BUT I'm not getting paid for playing well so naturally I'm offering her up for sale after grabbing a sexy new 5 wood off this forum. Standard length shaft with super adjustable hosel, can go from 4 wood to 6.5 wood basically. This shaft literally just hits super controlled missiles. Asking $135 OBO all-in. Please note that there are some marks on the top of the face...I have hit this thing ALOT and out of a lot of crazy lies... Please don't hesitate with any questions or comments --- I just want to see my baby go to a good home.
  4. Awesome driver head, just splurged on a new TSi. Used and loved for a few years now, tried to capture all cosmetic blemishes with photos - including paint chips on toe you can't see from address - nothing affects playability. SOLD for $110 on the bay (would like to get this moved asap so I don't have to listen to my wife's daily "did you sell your old driver yet, you promised you would if you bought a new one" - thanks)
  5. A lesson in trickle down economics here -- you buy from me, I buy from other WRXers like the club ho that I am thanks! *All prices include shipping & PayPal fees. Titleist 818 H2 19* head only - $75 $65 Bought this on here at the beginning of the year but never ended up building it out cause my 816 started behaving herself as soon as she saw this bad hombre delivered. Clean crown & top line. Sole and face typical wear for 3 years in the bag. Two little paint nicks out on the toe. ***FYI, I can get a shaft professionally built to this head if you so desire. Just shoot me a PM" Adams DHY Pro 21* / Aldila 85H 2.5-S shaft - $70 SOLD If you know, you know. This thing was so good Taylormade decided to revive it with their most recent utility iron options. A true "you can copy my homework but just change it up a little bit so the teach won't know". We know. Standard length (39.5'') Adams DHY Proto 24* / Ozik Matrix hX3 White Tie in Stiff shaft- $50 $40 K so by now you know I like these clubs...here's the previous model as a 4 iron replacement with a sexy looking white shaft - not scientific or anything but I swear you swing white shafts faster. Standard length (38.5'') - some paint chips on shaft captured in images, does not affect playability. Fourteen RM-11 58-08* blacked / recoil prototype 125 F4 - $75 $69 ............ nice Have you ever hit a JDM forged wedge?? You'll never go back. Premo shaft bumps the price in this guy a bit. Standard length/lie Thank you all for looking! Open to offers and trades just please don't be offended with the quick "no thanks".
  6. Too be honest, I'm only having doubts because of the crappy pictures and the fact that the CB 57's used to be the hottest China remake before the 501's took their place. Any insight from you geniuses with an eye for this would be great, thank you!
  7. Annnd the shafts are gone. Just the 53* head left with a guy in communicay but no commitment. Club builder has a bunch of great wedge shaft options he could throw in it for a small upcharge, so keep that in mind if you're interested!
  8. ****************** All that is left: -> 53* 8620 DD Scratch Wedge - head only. This thing SPINS and feels fantastic. Asking -- $75 (Shipping/PayPal fees included) OPEN TO ANY OFFERS. Want a shaft in this guy? I have quite a few lying around I could build out for a lil' extra, mainly stiffs and Xs though. ***************** Injury break -- Can’t play golf for a week so I’m oogling some clubs on here but wife says I gotta sell something to buy something anyways….here are my current gamers. Lots of options to buy, just heads / just shafts / heads + shafts / full set includes Scratch 53*…whatever strikes your fancy, you know how it is: Miura Retros 4-PW + a 4i Miura CB-201 straight neck. Accra iSeries Tour 110 TX-stiff (M5). +0.5’’. Standard Lie. HEADS SOLD These are my babies …luckily, I’m only selling these Miura’s to help buy some new Miura’s Honestly such great feeling clubs and the Accra graphite shafts really make me channel my inner Abe Ancer. Pure blades handcrafted by Sr. Miura-san himself. Blades that started the legend. Are they in the best shape? No (please see 8 iron and 4 iron head) but the faces are pure and what do you expect out of the pure forgings of Miura? -> Complete set 4(cb),5-PW(blades) + 4 iron blade head --- asking $650 all-in heads sold, shafts available sold + Scratch 53* --- asking $700 all-in miura's sold, wedge available -> Just Miura heads (all = 8 heads) --- asking $400 all-in sold -> Just Accra shafts (8 shafts, professionally pulled. No tipping with Accra shafts so could play 4-GW +0.5’’ or 3-PW standard length, etc.) Bought these on WRX 1.5 years ago for $400ish. This model currently retails for $75/shaft so I think --- $300 all-in is fair. You don't think so? Send me an offer! sold -> Just 53* 8620 DD Scratch Wedge. This thing SPINS. Asking -- $75 all-in OPEN TO ANY OFFERS. . Thanks ya’ll for putting up with my marathon post. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns/or just want the 4i head or something. These truly are my babies and want to see them off to a good home of course so I can buy some sexy new stuff myself pin 4/5
  9. Kkkkkk. Contrarian take here because I'm seeing a lot of hybrid/3 wood talk - which may be pretty spot on but from a tech standpoint I'd say irons. Believe me, this is coming from a guy that way overpaid for his irons based on the cost/value perspective. An iron set is probably your most expensive thing(s) in your bag, with a lot of nice sets costing anywhere from $600-2000 but can you get by with a 10ish year old $100 set? Absolutely. Can and have. Do new irons have tech? Sure, but is it really REALLY helping you that much over other irons? Probably not as much as you think (and I am talking mainly about anything forged here), especially not worth an extra $1K. Personally, a 10 year old hybrid or 3 wood is way harder to hit than 10 year old irons. Alright, rant over. I mainly wanted to flesh out this probably poor take because I shot my best round of my life the second time playing with a $150 set of VR blades and that made me question every new iron set I ever bought. That is all. Rip away.
  10. Love this club, so easy to launch. Just gotta go with the 18* for gapping. Hit mainly on indoor simulator, once outside. In excellent condition. Asking $130 all-in. Men Right Srixon Z U85 Hybrid 3H, 20 Loft, Standard Lie, Length Standard, Extra Stiff, Graphite, UST Mamiya Recoil 95
  11. Haha, you may be in luck! Going back to the testing bay tonight but if this session goes like last night, my 20* u85 could be hitting the BST page soon (have an x-stiff Recoil 95 in it) Going with what @jgreer1421 just said, I think I'm going to be replacing my 20* with a TS2 7w and gaming the 18* u85 instead. I wanted a little more distance with my off-the-tee fairway finder as I don't play a 3w, think the 18* is going to be perfect.
  12. I'll double-down on the Z u85 20* then. Never felt like I could miss with that club and it blended well with my 24* 4i. CB 4i goes 202-205 on the fly and I was averaging 220ish with the u85 - roll out in the fairways but seems to launch high enough to have some stopping power on the greens.
  13. Besides just getting a shaft in that 5w that matches your Sim, I would look at the Z u85 20*, sounds like that could be a perfect blend. The only other option would be a 19* hybrid by one of the big brands, that would also fill the gap nicely.
  14. I think the TZ6 feels "softer" because of that active tip. The TZ5 is probably more comparable to the Ventuses after further investigation.
  15. Haven't had a chance with the Red yet but started the season with the TZ6 and am loving the feel. I'm a pretty high launch guy so comboing a SIM set at 7* with the more active tip in the TZ6 is getting me perfect launch conditions. I think you'd need a "spin killer" head like the SIM to pull this off though.
  16. Adams 2 driving iron gone-zo. Thinking of replacing your 4 iron but don't love hybrids like me, that 24* Adams is YOUR GUY.
  17. ***PLEASE CLOSE*** Looks like we'll try the things that didn't sell again in a few days with some new, dare I say HOTT items. Be on the look out. ***PLEASE CLOSE*** A few extras I have lying around right now. All prices include shipping & PayPal fees. Located in Minneapolis if any body local wants to meet for cheaper price. Have access to build shop so can customize any shafts or heads but you will have to cover adapter and grip costs. Shoot me offers, want these moved so I can buy some more stuff from here Titleist TS3 10.5* Driver with a HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 shaft - stiff - standard length. Please see pictures for condition, this bomber got a ton of use but still looks very clean on the top (just a little bit of paint going on top end of face, tried to capture with close-up). Will sell shaft or head separate, get in touch Asking $250 $230: looking for a different shaft to throw into this guy? have some premium shafts lying around (Ventus velocore blacks/blues, Acca TZ6 and 5, etc.) just ask! Ventus Blue Non-Velocore - stiff that I got with my SIM driver. Standard length. Get in touch if you want a different length/adapter: SOLD FOR $105 Aldila Xtorsion Copper Mamba - stiff 60. Cult shaft here on the WRX with killer looks, look up the user reviews on this site. This one is a little shorter than standard, tipping out at 42". Great shaft with a PING G400 adapter on it currently. SOLD FOR $50 (RIGHT) Adams Idea Super DHY Proto driving iron. 24* - 38.5”. Matrix white-tie stiff shaft. Ever seen a gapr low or SIM dhy? Ya, this is the original. --- $50 (LEFT) Adams Idea Super DHY Proto driving iron. 18* - 40”. Matrix white-tie stiff shaft. This thing is HOTT and such a game changer off the tee, will be tough to beat in my offseason search so if it doesn’t go it doesn’t go --- SOLD for $60 Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 58* 10* bounce lob wedge. 35.25’’ of a what I believe is an S300 DG. Phil’s love-child. --- $40 Thanks for looking!
  18. Just the small stuff left so going to close for now and relist when some new things pop up from testing!
  19. jumping on this thread because I to have begun searching for my swing sherpa. Live in Minneapolis and looking for a great teacher in the twin cities area. I'm a big Monte guy, so booking with any random teaching pro that mentions "system" in their lesson copy scares the bejeezus out of me.
  20. They're so good, makes sense TM brought them back. Probably going to regret selling the 18* but hanging on to my 21* until something newer beats it out.
  21. Thanks mate, posted this during the national championship half time...might have rushed it a bit. Updating now
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