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  1. Prefer adjustable hosel models with brands at the top of the want list being Titleist, PXG, Exotics, Ping, Cobra. Open to others tho. Don't care about shaft what-so-ever.



  2. jumping on this thread because I to have begun searching for my swing sherpa.


    Live in Minneapolis and looking for a great teacher in the twin cities area.


    I'm a big Monte guy, so booking with any random teaching pro that mentions "system" in their lesson copy scares the bejeezus out of me.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ben Berube said:

    I know those Dhy’s sre considered “old” but they are so long. I played a set for a while and nothing could beat them still in distance. I used to hit the 18* longer off the tee than many drives. 

    They're so good, makes sense TM brought them back. Probably going to regret selling the 18* but hanging on to my 21* until something newer beats it out.

  4. My offseason has officially begun which means it's testing season! Buy the stuff I loved this past year so I can buy more stuff on here to test and hopefully love this upcoming season 😅

    All prices include shipping CONUS and PayPal fees. Need any heads pulled or adapters changed? Shoot me a message, have access to a full build shop.


    Let's start with the big 🐕s

    Have two of the best looking driver heads imo ever made. Put those heavy weights forward and it may just be the best feeling as well. Get er in 10.5* or the low launching 9* BEAST.

    Both come with the uber nice leather head covers BUT first one to buy also gets the extra weight set and tool (unless you don’t want it of course).  Both heads are in fantastic condition. Have shafts for both these heads as well and will list prices with or without. Get more details on the shafts below the driver head images.


    SOLD - PXG 0811 X Gen2 9* driver head only = $180

    SOLD -PXG 0811 X Gen2 10.5* driver head only = (tee marks on face have been cleaned up since posting) … with EvenFlow T1100 = $250










    And now the shafts’ turn:

    Kuro Kage XT60 TX TiNi. Shaft only length = 43.75”. comes with PXG adapter (can change this for the cost of an adapter if needed, just let me know!) The old Rory McIlroy shaft! Tour x-stiff beauty of a shaft --- $185 SOLD

    Project X EvenFlow T1100 White. 6.0 stiff. Shaft only length = 43.5’’ --- $70 SOLD



    (RIGHT) Adams Idea Super DHY Proto driving iron. 24* - 38.5”. Matrix white-tie stiff shaft. Ever seen a gapr low or SIM dhy? Ya, this is the original. --- $60

    (LEFT) Adams Idea Super DHY Proto driving iron. 18* - 40”. Matrix white-tie stiff shaft. This thing is HOTT and such a game changer off the tee, will be tough to beat in my offseason search so if it doesn’t go it doesn’t go --- $70



    Fourteen RM-11 60* 8* bounch lob wedge. 35’’ of N.S. Pro 950GH HT wedge flex. Ever hit a forged wedge? It will change your life, guaranteed. I have the same club in a 58* that may be the safest club in my bag. --- $70




    Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 58* 10* bounce lob wedge. 35.25’’ of a what I believe is an S300 DG. Phil’s love-child. --- $55




    Black Tiger Nick finished Bridgestone J36 combo set. 3-PW. 3-5 in pocket cavity, rest in normal CB. Dynamic Gold S300 with 6 iron measuring 37.5”. These things feel almost as good as they look. Sharp SHARP looking clubs in person with the best club finisher in the game. Bought these a while back on here and back they shall go to the next lucky WRXer. Jumbo grips are in basically new condition --- $275 SOLD


    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or offers! Not really a trade guy because I’m pretty picky on what I want to try next but I’ll still entertain them.




  5. 2 hours ago, djhgolf said:

    Anyone test - Ventus Red velocore vs Accra TZ6?

    Also curious if anybody has tested...starting my testing season soon and these two are at the top of my list this year.

  6. 2 hours ago, mahuwf said:

    Also perhaps potentially relevant: in the Bio Cells, I had midsize grips. The i210s have standard. Could this also be a reason I've gotten super "handsy" with these? My fitter said I'm right on the line between standard and midsize and like I said, I hit them really well in the fitting so we left the standard on there. Does grip size make more than just a marginal difference here?

    I've always been told feel for grip size is more important than your measurements so if you getting midsizers on the new set to make you feel just that little bit more comfortable with them would be very worth it in my book

  7. 27 minutes ago, sprcoop said:

    I would be a tour pro today if I had not started my golfing life hitting off mats at a PAR 3 course

    Oh I hear ya. I'd for sure be a tour pro today too if I had started when I was 6, could keep my drives on this planet, have any sort of short game and stop playing 4ft gimmes every time out.

  8. 2 minutes ago, chippa13 said:

    You wind up trying to fix something that isn't wrong if it just happens to be one of those off days.

    The day before a high-stakes-for-me 36 hole day I hit up the range - who had just switched to mats for some reason - to make sure my driver swing is dialed and while warming up I could not hit an iron flush to save my life so of course did some tweaks to the swing and felt really good about it....on the range..on mats.


    Next day hit every wedge/iron shot fat and was just guessing all day with the dumb new swing thoughts the range put in my head. Worse 2 rounds of golf I played all year. hands down

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