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  1. Me when one of my playing buddies asks why he keeps fatting every shot: "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" -A Few Good Men
  2. I have tested both and currently game the F9. I still throw the TS3 head on now again when we play at my bro-in-law's simulator but it does not seem to be as forgiving for me as the F9, especially on low face strikes which is my usual miss. The ball speeds between the two have always been nearly identical but it does seem like I can squeeze a little bit more out of the TS3. I only loose a couple mph on ball speed with the low strikes on the F9 but probably more than 5 mph with the TS3. Pair the low strike forgiveness of the F9 + I like the look of it a lot more behind the ball (the
  3. Ended up going with Hatton over Rahm and am a little bit richer today because of it. Today I went with Day over Poulter at +105. No great reasoning here but want to root for Day and liked what I saw from him yesterday. Poulter seems to be in fine form though.
  4. I switched from 2 yr old irons to 12 yr old Miura retro blades last year and love love love them.
  5. Totally agree. I never pick outrights but top 10s and 20s have been fun lately. I also have been loving picking round matchups that my online book offers. Debating between Day over Oosty today at +107 or the red hot Hatton over Rahm at +133. It really keeps me glued to the coverage and paying attention to guys I usually don't watch.
  6. Wanted to create this topic because while I enjoy discussing sportsbook bets on the sub-reddit r/sportsbook and discord chat for most sports, golf seems to lack people that actually watch the events to submit pick ideas ergo my goal for this thread is to have discussions on possible picks you like for the week from people who actually like golf! ***Tried searching for anything like this but came up empty for anything newer than 2015 so please direct me to a thread if there already is one. Also, please let me know if the 19th hole is not the place for this. Thanks!
  7. GolfWRX's prodigal son and mythical coach @MonteScheinblum helped me with both - for free! YouTube his original no turn cast drill video and his "perfect backswing" video, literally went from my swing "working" 3/10 times to 9/10 times. I do the perfect backswing drill as a pre-shot routine instead of a practice swing and then my 2 swing thoughts (they're just feels now) are set the wrists and CAST. I worry/think of nothing else. *FYI, he does have a new paid version of that no turn cast drill that is worth the money if you want the original one in more depth.
  8. love it. that may be more my approach..I'm sure there's still some old turf left from an eagle hole out 4 yrs ago in my PW grooves
  9. That's too bad, never would have thought that possible. I'm sure he's quite disappointed.
  10. Just stumbling upon this thread now and the only conclusion I can make is this is a bad look for Titleist I've seen 12 yr old clubs with better looking finishes
  11. Shameless plug of a guy I don't even use his premium app for but have been following on Twitter that could definitely help you out here: @Fit_For_Golf His exercises are all very dynamic, so I think they'd be great for kids too, and about generating speed in the golf swing. He's gotten pretty big over the last few months while picking up pros as clients and some of the bigger teaching personalities quoting his research and workout ideas
  12. Buddy plays the new Mizuno putter in black and that thing looks sexy enough to game. Wedges and irons are already a lock and people seem to like their new hybrids/woods but driver? That would be a worry. how confident would you be if you're standing on the tee box with a ST200 and the guys next to you have a SIM or G410lst. I'm already thinking of the excuses in my head..."well of course they hit it further"...
  13. Haven't tested the new DHY but did take a look at it, identical looking to the Adams one I game and love. Worth looking into.
  14. YES. Love the look of a 430/440 and think it would be sick if one the big names came out with one smaller.
  15. Ahhh, I'm going to say this will be a VERY solid start to your blade years. Godspeed to your friend trying to pry those clubs back from you
  16. Srixie z545 or 565 too much offset? They hott with great turf interaction
  17. changes daily.... but seriously, looks followed by feel are probably my most important. I have a thing for cult irons but like jholz I'm a cheap-o so I scour for months trying to snag some that are undervalued. Currently gaming Miura retro blades that fit my needs perfectly....for now
  18. 1. White Bear Yacht Club 2. Minneapolis, MN 5. 8 4. Cobra F9 9.5* Tour AD IZ 6x 5. No 6. TSi3 7. For sure!
  19. Ah sorry groach, should've scrolled up higher. Pretty sure these are what I just posted about. Fantastic pants that I still can't tell the difference between them and my lulu's in the drawer.
  20. Option way outta left field. A couple years ago Old Navy tried to make a replica lulu ABC pant that their target market obviously didn't appreciate so they went on clearance and I got one in every color and even one for my old man for about $5 each and they are nearly identical fit and feel to the 2 lulu pants I have. I wear them all the time, in fact I'm even wearing them right now the reason I'm telling you this now is, it looks like ON might have brought them back? I can't say for certain that they are the same ones I have but I noticed they have something very similar back o
  21. Storylines I am most excited for ranked greatest to least: 1. Jordan Spieth rising from the grave to make a run at another Masters 2. Bryson cutting corners no one even imagined - guy might eagle every other hole followed by a double every other hole 3. Rory going for the slam 4. DJ shrugging off demons and cementing himself as a "great" with a green jacket ... ... ... 5. Tiger defending another jacket Not to say I'm not a huge Tiger fan and I am very very excited to watch him plod those hollow grounds again. His comeback is already co
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