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  1. I would recommend watching certain club reviews because I am under the belief that some faces do better with certain misses. For example, I kept hearing how well the F9 dealt with low heel misses which is my number one miss so I gravitated to it and couldn't be happier BUT it also is known to not perform well high on the face - a place I don't venture very much - while other faces love balls up there
  2. I tried gaming the gen2 in both lofted heads with every weight/shaft combination possible because I just absolutely loved the way it looked behind the ball and really really really wanted it to work but alas, I had to take it out of bag and back to my F9 because of its performance. The big hits were nearly just as big as my big hits with other clubs but my misses suffered dramatically. I have tried out many of the modern heads for extended periods of time and the gen2 is the first time I absolutely noticed that if I didn't hit it right in the screws I was going to be embarrassed wi
  3. Ooo, now you're talking. Possible film title: "Par Golf is Not Enough"
  4. I suppose it depends on the type of round for me... Serious: Tiger Woods --- pretty obvious reasons here Drinking: I want Big John shirtless and shoeless or my pick back. If shoe/shirted John shows up then I'm going with either Mike Lorenzo-Vera or Miguel Jiménez in hopes he'll share a cigar or two. Most Interesting: Putin? I feel like a completely private 18 holes with him would be off the charts interesting (I in no way advocate for the guy fyi) - And not saying he would share any national secrets or anything but he might whip out a cool/terrible story or
  5. Thought the same thing last year and made the switch from 716 AP2's to 12 yr old blades and it has been such a fun summer playing with the blades I doubt I'll ever go back.
  6. Ditto to what vstensrud23 said, I have a GW I hit a lot of full shots with and even hard knock-down 3 quarters shots, like I do with my PW and 9i, so it is in the same shaft as my irons. My next two wedges are nearly the same weight but a hair softer flex as I never go "full bore" with them. That being said, the LZ shafts are kind of designed for this natural progression anyways and the 'loading zone' is supposed to help feel smoothness no matter how hard you're swinging so you wouldn't have to go to the 5.5 stiffness if you don't want to. I actually have a buddy I play with often
  7. Not trying to re-hash an old thread for nothing but if there are any lurkers out there like me...DO NOT SELL THESE IRONS (and of course if you see them available, snag em). They are fantastic and I miss mine so much. It has been very tough to find a full set without having to take out a small home loan to purchase them.
  8. Sorry I don't have a for sure for sure answer for you but I think it's safe to assume they will. Nearly every major manufacture brings out a new version of their best selling wedges yearly and the Hi Toe has been no exception.
  9. I replaced my SM7s with Fourteen RM-11 and absolutely love them. Such great feeling and quite forgiving. I know they're a little older but loved the black finish the best on the RM-11 model.
  10. Oh nice, WBYC is definitely your best bet if you're in Oakdale. I've heard through the grapevine over the years that it can be kind of a pain to get a tour/trial play but my bro-in-law is trying them out now and said it was pretty easy. Good luck!
  11. this right here. Those clubs were special.
  12. I 'inherited' a 5-PW set from an uncle who couldn't play anymore but I sold them after about a year because a friend convinced me blades were of the devil. They were my first iron set and like a first love, I didn't know how good I had it until I'm half a decade removed and always chasing after the next set hoping they'll be anything like my first VR Pro blades
  13. Erik Anders Lang has some great videos out there, both with "Adventures in Golf" and his new channel. There can be quite a bit of fluff dialogue as he's really into 'the story but his camera work is the best out there and they even edit in their own pro tracer. His newer series where he tries to break 90 at US Open and other major tracks are straight up course VLOGS with the latest one being narrated by the guy who played Kevin in The Office. I get he's not going to be everybody's course vlog cup-a-tea but hey, variety is the spice of life and I do love the fact that there are so m
  14. If you want another Donny Ross gem on the "Eastside" (only say that cause it's pretty far NE), White Bear Yacht Club is where you need to check out first. Consistently rated in the top 3 in the State and has a great laid back vibe to it - if that's what you're into.
  15. Any chance you have any pics of the backs of these? Really just curious what the DPC black finish looks like next to the CB, I've never seen a pocket cavity blacked out before
  16. Here ya go: I've played it a ton with this finish and it's held up surprisingly well. Still has a lot of pop left in her too.
  17. Sorry, I'm not entirely sure. It looks like how chipped and slightly peeled paint looks on a wall. I'm not sure how it happened as I bought it from 2nd swing like this and the fitter there assured me it was purely cosmetic.
  18. UPDATE: had another round of shaft testing last night and it looks like the HZRDUS Smoke for the F9 is not going to make it to the next round...adding pictures to the listing and will include with head for an additional $30 at current list price.
  19. It's on the top carbon fiber area kinda near the hosel. The mark under the G was just some dirt I missed:
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