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  1. Tip is the -65 model Srixon but can pull it if you'd like or I think I have a TM, Cobra or Titleist adapter I could throw on there. Raw the shaft measures 44'' can also work something out to change this if you'd like...I have a full workshop for clubs in the garage.
  2. Those are your initials?!? Sounds like fate to me. Careful though...they started as a backup set for me too but slowly became the gateway drug into the blade world...next thing I know I'm in a dark wet alleyway in Osaka, exchanging my soul and the deed to my house just for a chance to play some sake drinking game for a set of Miura's
  3. Wife found my stash while cleaning places she shouldn’t have been…now all my extras must go or I’m sleeping with the pooch.All items are OBRO and include shipping....Thanks for looking. Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver 9.0* Right Handed (Head only or with HZRDUS Smoke shaft). REVISED AND PRICE DROPPED = Selling this with the 14g instead of the 18g weight you see in the pictures - can actually do any 2 weights you'd like other than an 18g, just ask. Avalanche model. Still sticking with this great head, just needed a 10.5* instead of 9*. There is one noticeable paint chip (please see pictures). H
  4. Started as a 12 last summer with 2017 M2's. My miss is usually thin with irons. This meant that my usual 150 PW would fly 160ish on thin miss-hits and I kid you not, had one go 190 on what looked like a normal ball flight (this was the straw that broke the camel's back). Absolute trampolines. I tried out blades for fun and found that my thin misses would just go 10 yards shorter instead of longer, which I found it much easier to chip from a short of the green usually fairway lie than an over the green - often short sided - always rough lie. Long story short, I played just as much golf in 2018
  5. Rehashing an old post here as I am currently between these 2 shafts. The BLACK is a beast that I fell in love with but would sometimes get too knuckle bally on me. I know the SMOKE is also low spin but hoping the softer feel keeps the spin in the optimal window. Will be testing on both on a GC2 this coming week and report back for those interested!
  6. Gotta love this forum. 3 year old thread but I was struggling with this mightily with an M2 head I got for cheap, tried your solution Kirklan and it worked great, thanks! Was measuring at D0, hoping to get this head to play more around D5.
  7. I hear ya 2wash but apparently I don't have a conscience...my buddy just sold me a sweet set of Miura's and although I thought I'd never part with these sticks, I'm going to try and move them. I just hope they find a good home.
  8. Just thought I'd circle back to this thread as I am wrapping up a very successful 4 months of golf (maybe a bit of an understatement, playing the best golf of my life right now) with these fantastic irons. They've beaten out some tests against the before mentioned JPX 900 tours, various Srixons, 718 AP3's and most recently the 718 CB's. They feel so, SO dang good when you pure one. I literally dream about it for days after. If anybody reading this thread is on the fence trying them out just go for it. Still such amazing irons after all these years. They've stayed in the bag for way longer than
  9. DPCs beat the Tours by 2 strokes at Bandon Dunes. I hit 3 more GIRs with the DPCs too. The Bridgestones performed really well and were a blast to play with and will have to stay in contention until I can try them outside. There is more forgiveness and a softer feel with the DPC's and I feel like I'm not giving up any accuracy. We'll see how they play with some outdoor elements but I am very optimistic and am enjoying them more and more the more I get to hit them.
  10. Alright, after their strong showing the other night I'm going to put them mono-a-mono against my beloved JPX 900 Tours tonight on the SIM and take extensive notes. Full 18 holes with played with their own balls to see who comes out on top. If the DPCs have a strong showing I'll practice with them more until the snow melts here in MN and then we can have a proper showdown outside between the two. Now, what course to play....
  11. Glad you got some hard numbers too. I played 18 on the SIM with the DPC last night and while I did have to club up nearly every time, my dispersion seemed very tight, and I was able to flight down a couple of 3/4 swing 9 irons and PW's, so it looks like I got a little more testing to do. Potentially a spin killer shaft like a stout Project X would be a better combination with this head. I would keep the Steelfibers if I were you as I've found them to be super versatile in nearly any iron although a little harsher than the Recoil shafts, also they can be expensive and somewhat hard to find a go
  12. Must be the shafts, the DPC are one degree stronger than the J40 CB. Can you comment on the Steelfiber i95 stiff? I have a set of irons w/ these shafts, looking for feedback before I try them...I use DG S300 a lot. I have a nice set of J40 DPC, 4-PW, I too would love to find a DPC 3 iron. Not meant for me but I have played the Steelfibers in a couple of heads prior to these. My thoughts: 1. They play and feel much more like steel than graphite 2. Controllable trajectory (of course depending on head) 3. They play stout for their flex 4. Stand on them all you want, they will hold up Th
  13. Just picked some up too after reading this thread and was able to compare them on a launch monitor to my JPX Tour's and found the DPC launch significantly higher as well and I'm pretty sure they are the same lofts, only difference was they were also carrying about 10-12 yards shorter so I'm thinking it may have been the wind on your part.
  14. After reading this entire thread's hype on the J40's DPC, I pulled the trigger on a set of these I stumbled across. Love the look and feel but got them in NS Pro 950's (stiff) and currently testing against my JPX 900 Tours which are in Steelfibers i95 (also stiff), the J40's are launching much higher and spinning about 1500 rpm's more - especially in the 8-PW - than the Tours which is resulting in about 10-12 yards of distance loss. I'm not a guy who needs to hit his irons far by any means but I don't like such a high flight with those clubs, do ya'll think this is the shaft or the heads?
  15. Feel and price! I love all these companies popping up like Vice, Snell and Forte because they are producing great balls at a cheaper price. HUGE!
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